Da Capo Second Season – Episode 5

Mahō no shippo
Magic’s Tail

Aisia is now enrolled to Kazami Academy. She keeps a close eye on Jun’ichi to “catch” him using magic, despite his insistence that he can only conjure Japanese confections. They accidentally got carried away in a garbage truck and into a dumpster. Jun’ichi helps protect Aisia, then they are rescued by Suginami, Kotori, and Mako. Aisia decides to train herself from now on since she is convinced that Jun’ichi not the type of wizard she had imagined. Mako insists them to take a bath at her house. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 5”

Shuffle! – Episode 4

Shiawase no Tamagoyaki!
Egg Omelet of Happiness!

During the time when Rin and his classmates are cleaning their classroom, Nerine gets angry at a couple of guys insulting Rin and blows up the gym. Later, when a picnic is planned where everyone makes their own food to eat, Nerine must get help from Asa in order to learn how to cook. Continue reading “Shuffle! – Episode 4”

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 3

“The Labyrinth and The Dragon”
“Meikyū to Ryū” (迷宮と竜)

In Nanjing, Amalgam kidnaps peace delegations from Northern and Southern China and fortify themselves in an underground tunnel beneath the Yangtze River. Mithril attempts a rescue in the tunnel’s dangerous confines, but falls into Amalgam’s trap. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 3”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 4

Sakura namiki no mukō ni
Past the Rows of Cherry Trees

Aisia has been settled into living at Jun’ichi’s house, and he mentions she will be going to Kazami Academy with him apparently. Convince that Jun’ichi studies at a school of magic, Aisia sneaks into the school and begins to cause chaos with her magic when she tries to make things more convenient for the campus. Jun’ichi overslept and arrives at school just in time to find Aisia. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 4”

Shuffle! – Episode 3

Oboetemasu ka?
Do You Remember?

Summer is almost here, but first the students must go through their final exams. While everyone is studying, Sia gets some help from Rin, even though it’s not much. Continue reading “Shuffle! – Episode 3”

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 2

“The Situation Beneath the Surface”
“Suimenka no Jōkei” (水面下の状景)

Sousuke and Kazama investigate who is posting embarrassing and revealing pictures of Kaname on the internet. Meanwhile, Amalgam operatives led by Gates extract payment from the Balic military force that took on Mithril and try to reconstruct what happened in the battle. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 2”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 3

Hitotsu yane no shita
Beneath the Same Roof

After learning that Grandma Yoshino had long since pass away, and when Jun’ichi inadvertently showed his only magical skill because he is Yoshino’s grandchild, Aisia decides to make him her “Master”. When Mako discovers her, she insists on having Aisia stay at the Mizukoshi residence, until it becomes too difficult to have her around. Aisia then returns to Jun’ichi’s house to stay. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 3”

Shuffle! – Episode 2

I Wanted to See You!

After a few days of adjusting to his new neighbors, Rin is starting to find it hard to cope with the recent changes in his life. Eventually, he starts to walk to and from school alone and one day while walking from school he meets a girl named Primula from the Realm of the Demons who is very attached to him, literally. When she comes home with him later, it is decided that she will live in Kaede’s house from now on. Continue reading “Shuffle! – Episode 2”

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 1

“Ending Day by Day”
“Owaru Hibi” (終わる日々)

Mithril and the SRT rescue refugees caught in a civil war in the African country of Balic. However, during the fighting, they discover that the enemy possesses advanced weaponry rivaling their own. They surmise that a highly funded, well-equipped organization may be supplying their enemies. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – Episode 1”

Da Capo Second Season – Episode 2

Yomenai Chizu
Unreadable Map

Jun’ichi and Kotori decide to skip school and help the girl, Aisia, find her destination on a rain-soaked map written in a foreign language. Jun’ichi tells Aisia the story how the island’s sakura trees used to bloom all year long 2 years ago. By the end of the day, they figure out the person that Aisia is looking for is Grandma Yoshino so she can study magic to be an excellent wizard. Continue reading “Da Capo Second Season – Episode 2”