Fate/stay night – Episode 4

Saikyō no Teki
The Strongest Enemy

When Berserker and his Master, Illyasviel von Einzbern, attack Saber, Shirō is helpless, but blocks a fatal blow intended for Saber. The next day, Shirō has miraculously healed himself and starts to understand more about the type of person Saber is. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 4”

Fate/stay night – Episode 3


After Rin discovers Shirō does not know even the most basic of spells, she takes him to a magician she has known for ten years, Kirei Kotomine. Shirō learns more about the Holy Grail War and decides to join it. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 3”

Fate/stay night – Episode 2

Unmei no Yoru
Fateful Night

While staying late one day at school, Shirō inadvertently witnesses a fight between the Servants Archer and Lancer and is promptly killed by Lancer, though is brought back to life by Rin shortly afterwards. When Lancer comes back to kill him again, Shirō accidentally summons the most powerful Servant – Saber. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 2”

Fate/stay night – Episode 1

Hajimari no Hi
Opening Day

After being rescued by his adopted father, Kiritsugu Emiya, Shirō Emiya devotes his life to following his father’s ideal — to become a man of justice. Moving to the present, Shirō helps with tasks at his school freely with the aid of the magical powers his father taught him, but is concerned about the rise of violent crimes in the city. Meanwhile, a student at Shirō’s school, Rin Tōsaka, summons the Servant Archer and begins her search for magicians with other Servants. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 1”

Shuffle! – Episode 24

Soshite… Taisetsu na Koto
And…What Is Important

Asa escapes from the hospital and goes to the spot where Rin first confessed to her. Before long, Rin goes there to meet her, though there’s still not much he can do. When all else has failed, Rin is prepared to do anything to save Asa.

Continue reading “Shuffle! – Episode 24”