Code Geass – Episode 23

Semete Kanashimi to Tomo ni
At Least with Sorrow

After locating Euphemia, Lelouch shoots and mortally wounds her. Suzaku witnesses the shooting and brings Euphemia to the Avalon for emergency treatment. Euphemia fights off the Geass and has a last talk with Suzaku before dying; while Suzaku mourns over her death, V.V. introduces himself and explains why Euphemia caused the massacre. Meanwhile, Zero announces his plan to overthrow Brittania and to create a new country called the United States of Japan. Soon, the entirety of Area 11 revolts against the Britannian Empire and the Black Knights advance towards the Tokyo Settlement. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 23”

Death Note – Episode 24


Higuchi is arrested on grounds of being Kira and causing multiple murders in the region of Kanto. Inspecting Higuchi’s Death Note, L discovers that shinigami do exist. While L is stunned, Light takes the Death Note from him and remembers that he is the original Kira. Light then kills Higuchi by writing his name on a scrap of the Death Note. It is revealed that when Light gave away his Death Note, he added a fake rule stating that, after having written in the book, its owner must continue to use it at least once every thirteen days or perish. The investigation team reviews the rules written in the book and finds that they can do little to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Light orders Misa to recover the other Death Note he had hidden a few months earlier. Misa makes a second deal with Ryuk for the shinigami eyes in order to find out L’s true identity. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 24”

Code Geass – Episode 22

Chizome no Yufi
Bloodstained Euphy

During the commemoration ceremony for the SAZOJ, Lelouch and Euphemia privately discuss Japan’s future. She convinces him and Lelouch summarily halts his rebellion until he suddenly loses control of his Geass while jokingly telling her to kill all the Japanese. The Geass-influenced Euphemia orders a massacre of the people attending the ceremony. Blaming himself, a resolute Lelouch decides to salvage the situation by declaring Euphemia’s SAZOJ a trap to lure out the Black Knights and commands his troops to defeat the Britannian forces, protect the Japanese, and to kill Euphemia. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 22”

Death Note – Episode 23


While driving to Sakura TV, Higuchi talks with Rem about his situation. L, Light and Misa watch from the investigation team building and wonder who he is talking to. L wonders if Higuchi is talking to a shinigami. Rem convinces Higuchi to go to the station, but she has her own selfish motives for doing so. Higuchi enters the station’s offices and writes Matsuda’s fake name in his Death Note. The team thinks he has just written a note to himself, but find his subsequent erratic behavior odd. L argues that Higuchi has attempted to use his killing method. Higuchi then makes the deal with Rem to obtain shinigami eyes. A furious pursuit ensues when L realizes Higuchi can kill after looking at a person’s face and orders the police to apprehend him. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 23”

Code Geass – Episode 21

Gakuen-sai Sengen!
The School Festival Declaration

The Ashford Academy holds their annual school festival. Ohgi, Villeta, Euphemia, and Kallen all make their separate ways to the event and a series of close encounters risks the revealing of their hidden identities. When Euphemia’s presence is revealed, mass panic ensues. On live television, she announces her plan to turn the area around Mount Fuji to become a Specially Administrated Zone of Japan (SAZOJ), where Elevens can be referred to as Japanese again. She believes this will bring back the happy days with Lelouch and Nunnally, but Lelouch thinks otherwise, knowing she is being naive. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 21”

Kanon – Episode 24

“Canon at the End of the Dream”
“Yume no Hate no Tsuifukukyoku ~kanon~” (夢の果ての追復曲 〜kanon〜)

A miracle occurs and everyone is healed of their illness or injury. Mai, Sayuri and Shiori return to school, while Akiko comes home. In a startling discovery, Akiko reveals to Yuichi on the events after Ayu’s accident and Yuichi finally finds her, lying comatose in the hospital. As time goes on, everyone moves on with their lives, but Yuichi still clings to the hope that she will eventually wake up. However, he is still missing a final piece of his puzzle, before Ayu can truly end living in a dream. In the end, Ayu wakes up and is still together with Yuichi. Just before the closing credits, a familiar fox can be seen walking just beyond the stump, slightly blurred into the background. Continue reading “Kanon – Episode 24”

Death Note – Episode 22


After learning that Higuchi is Kira, L decides that the police must not apprehend him until they understand his killing method. He points out that this will be an advantage in curing society of Kira and proving that he has been caught. He arranges for Sakura TV to air a “Kira special” where Matsuda will declare he knows the identity of Kira to lure out Higuchi. Having been granted immunity from prosecution, several of the businessmen trick Higuchi and lead him to follow L’s plan. As the third Kira races to the television station, determined to kill the whistleblower, L and the investigation team watch his every move via cameras and wiretaps. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 22”

Code Geass – Episode 20

Kyūshū Sen’eki
Battle at Kyushu

The Britannian Army fights back against the Kyūshū invaders with the Lancelot. Meanwhile, Nina meets Princess Euphemia and inadvertently gives Euphemia peace of mind about her feelings for Suzaku. As Suzaku becomes cornered when his Lancelot’s power runs out, Zero and C.C. fly into the battlefield in the Gawain to recharge the Lancelot; the two Knightmares end the Kyūshū campaign together. Continue reading “Code Geass – Episode 20”

Kanon – Episode 23

“The Scarlet Red Finale”
“Akane-iro no Shūkyoku ~finale~” (茜色の終曲 〜finale〜)

Waking up in an apartment, Yuichi meets an old acquaintance who he admired as a child named Makoto Sawatari. Back at their promised place, Yuichi sees Ayu again, and she asks for her third and final wish to be for Yuichi to forget about her, but Yuichi is unwilling to grant it. Ayu then makes a different wish, and disappears soon after in Yuichi’s arms. Nayuki comes out of her depression, and she attempts to get her cousin out of his own. Continue reading “Kanon – Episode 23”

Death Note – Episode 21


The third Kira sets his eyes on Misa after meeting her. While Misa is taking a break from meeting with the Yotsuba Group, Rem contacts her. Misa is able to see the shinigami, but her memories of being the second Kira do not return upon touching a portion of the Death Note that Rem has brought her. Rem then tells Misa about everything that has happened and that she must trust Light lest she be killed. Upon re-entering the room, she spots who the third Kira must be: Kyosuke Higuchi. Misa goes on a date with him and is able to obtain proof that Higuchi is the criminal L is looking for. Her ease in determining who Kira is leaves L very suspicious, since he could not deduce it himself. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 21”