Death Note – Episode 37

New World

Mikami’s Death Note fails to work and Near confesses that he knew about the fake notebook and had actually tampered with the real one. Mikami is restrained and, faced with Near’s undeniable evidence, Light breaks down and laughs like a madman. He confesses that he is Kira and attempts to kill Near by writing his name on a piece of the Death Note hidden in his watch. Matsuda keeps him from doing so by shooting him down. Seeing Light writhe on the floor in agony, Mikami loses faith in his God and kills himself. Wounded, Light escapes in the middle of the commotion. He goes over everything that has happened in a series of flashbacks. As he had promised in the beginning of the series, Ryuk writes down Light’s name in his notebook, thinking that this whole experience has been quite fun. Misa is shown standing on top of a skyscraper, implying she is going to commit suicide, before Light finally dies of cardiac arrest on a set of stairs (possibly symbolic of his place in limbo, between heaven and hell), seeing L’s figure in front of him. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 37”

Claymore – Episode 13

“The Endless Gravestones (Part 2)”
“Hate naki bohyō (II)” (果て無き墓標(II))

Clare fights Ophelia and loses her right arm as a result. Irene, who was presumed dead, saves Clare and severely injures Ophelia. Frustrated about the untimely demise of her brother at the hands of Priscilla and her defeat by Irene, Ophelia becomes enraged and awakens. Clare recuperates and Irene decides to teach Clare her “Flash Sword” technique. Continue reading “Claymore – Episode 13”

Lucky Star – Episode 12

“Let’s Go to the Festival”
“O-matsuri e Ikō” (お祭りへ行こう)

Konata, Kagami, and Tsukasa go to Comiket 71, at the end of 2006. While Kagami can bear the massive event, Tsukasa can’t take too much, being a first-timer, and is eventually unable to get what Konata asked her to pick up. Meanwhile, it appears that Akira Kogami makes an appearance, as declared in the previous episode’s Lucky Channel. However, it turns out to be just a cardboard cut-out of her with a message stating that Akira cannot attend because of sudden illness. After the morning trip around Comiket, Konata meets Tsukasa and Kagami at a New Year festival and receives very bad luck in a lottery drawing. At home, Konata goes out of her way to be nice to her dad in order to receive her otoshidama. She logs into her game to wish others a happy new year only to once again encounter her teacher online. Continue reading “Lucky Star – Episode 12”

Death Note – Episode 36


Each having developed a strategy to bring the other down for good, Light and Near finally meet face to face in an abandoned warehouse. Light brings out Mikami to have him write the names of everyone but Light on his Death Note. Meanwhile, Near is confident that the pages of the notebook Mikami is using are fake, confessing that he has tampered with them. All they need do now is check whose name was not written to find out who the real Kira is. Light struggles to mask his glee as he thinks of how he already knew of Near’s actions and that that had been why he had Takada keep the real Death Note while switching Mikami’s with a false one. As the seconds before the Death Note’s power takes effect count down, Light declares his victory to Near. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 36”

Claymore – Episode 12

“The Endless Gravestones (Part 1)”
“Hate naki bohyō (I)” (果て無き墓標(I))

Clare is sent to engage another Awakened Being with another team. However, much to Clare’s surprise, the team only consists of herself and Ophelia. To make matters worse, Ophelia’s lust for blood and the threat of the Awakened Being places both Raki’s and Clare’s lives in jeopardy. Continue reading “Claymore – Episode 12”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 12

A Slave of Love

Luna requests some one-on-one tutoring from Nagasumi, but no amount of studying can prepare him for the consequences when he’s caught in a compromising position with his pop idol pupil! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 12”

Lucky Star – Episode 11

“Various Ways to Spend Christmas Eve”
“Ironna Seiya no Sugoshikata” (いろんな聖夜の過ごし方)

The end of the year is drawing close, and that means Christmas is right around the corner. They get on the topic of how sometimes when they get sleepy on a bus, they sometimes tend to lean on the person next to them. Whenever Konata gets on her bus, she gets sleepy and falls asleep a few times on the shoulder of the person next to her. She realizes that she got off the stop before, but whenever she tries to go back to her seat, someone took it and Konata is forced to stand up. At school, Kagami is annoyed that she didn’t get much studying done, but Konata is proud about how many hours she studied. Whenever Miyuki asks how many hours they studied, it turns out that both studied for four hours. Tsukasa talks with Konata and Miyuki on when they stopped believing in Santa Claus, and gets vastly different responses. Kagami notices that she goes to Tsukasa’s class a little too much and Miyuki and Tsukasa talk about dentist and cavities again. Yui visits Konata and they discuss about a detective show. The girls also talk about how a Christmas cake can seem like a regular cake after the age of twenty-five. Before the winter break from school begins, Konata and her friends must go through a round of final exams, though Konata does not fare as well as she would have liked. She takes a look at Miyuki’s grades and is jealous of losing, not of her grades, but her bust size. Nanako purchases a Christmas cake and Konata and Kagami visit the anime shop again. On Christmas Eve, Konata’s dad is upset whenever Konata is late to coming home, but is suddenly overcome by joy whenever she brings him a present. Yui comes to visit them drunk but is excited that her husband was waiting for her at her house. Konata logs onto her online game to find her teacher already on. The next morning, the girls discuss about static electricity by touching the door handles and Konata’s dad is having fun shocking himself at home. Continue reading “Lucky Star – Episode 11”

Death Note – Episode 35


Mello kidnaps Takada in a daring operation, getting in the way of both Near and Light’s plans to set up a meeting between the SPK and the investigation team. Prepared to face such an event, however, Takada kills Mello by writing his name in a piece of the Death Note she managed to secret away. Once Light hears about this, he uses a piece of the Death Note of his own to make her commit suicide. Continue reading “Death Note – Episode 35”

Claymore – Episode 11

“Those Who Rend Asunder (Part 3)”
“Kiri saku mono tachi (III)” (斬り裂く者たち(III))

As the four Claymores recover from their injuries, Miria suggests that the Organization has purposely sent them on a suicide mission, since she discovers that they are all troublemakers who may have partially awakened. Deneve proves this theory by intentionally exceeding her limits in order to heal her wounds. To the Claymores’ surprise, she does not awaken from the process. Miria warns the group to avoid top five Claymores: Alicia, Beth Galatea, Ophelia, and Rafaela. She advises the group to avoid fighting them due to their power. Continue reading “Claymore – Episode 11”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 11


After drinking a diet supplement meant only for mermaids, Nagasumi grows into a giant and goes on a naked rampage of destruction across the city! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 11”