Chaos;Head – Episode 4

“Shodō” (初動)

While walking on the street Takumi bumps into a strange girl carrying a sword that others can’t see but Takumi can see it. Ayase Kishimoto, the real name of FES, transfers into Takumi’s school. On the way home, Yasuji Ban and Mamoru Suwa, two detectives of the police department, ask Takumi about the recent murder cases. Takumi buys a new figurine of Seira so Rimi comes by to visit. Ayase tells Takumi that something called a Di-Sword can save him so he goes to find and buy one, though later recognized as a counterfeit. Nanami stops by for a visit but leaves angrily, breaking the sword. Kozue Orihara, the girl who was moving to Tokyo from the last episode is now a transfer student at Takumi’s school. Takumi wanders the streets of Shibuya and has a delusion that he and an old man in a wheelchair are the only ones left in the world. The man claims he is Shogun and tells Takumi to hurry up and awaken, or else more people will die. Rimi snaps him out of it and Takumi heads home, thanking her. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 4”

Clannad After Story – Episode 5

Kimi no Ita Kisetsu
The Season You Were There

Tomoya and Nagisa visit Youhei, and spend some time talking with Misae and Tomoyo who comes over after them. Later, when Tomoya and Nagisa are talking with Misae privately, Tomoya starts falling asleep. It is shown how when Misae was a first-year in high school, she met a strange boy named Shima Katsuki who says he can grant her one wish in return for her cheering him up years before when he was in the hospital. Misae has a boy she likes named Igarashi, but who unknown to her already has a girlfriend. Igarashi asks Shima to tell her this, but he cannot tell her directly and starts crying. Misae sees Igarashi with his girlfriend, and realizes the truth; she runs away, leaving Shima behind. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 5”

Chaos;Head – Episode 3

“Sesshoku” (接触)

A flashback shows when Takumi was a little boy. He is upset for having not gone on a school field trip, so he wished that no one could go. He drew a picture of a school bus and then he ripped it in half. His mother then receives a call informing her that on the way to the field trip the bus got in an accident and was ripped in half. Takumi thought his wish came true. For days he was speechless, in which his mother promptly took him to a psychiatrist. In present time, Takumi goes to the hospital to see Fumio Takashi, his childhood psychiatrist, accompanied by Hazuki, his nurse. He claims that he is sleepwalking so they have him sleep for three hours to see if he gets up. Hazuki says that he was not sleepwalking and so Takumi goes home. Rimi goes to the library and meets a strange student. Back at home, Takumi receives an image of him running from the murder while holding a stake. He believes that Shogun took a picture of the future. Daisuke brings Takumi to a live concert to see the band, called Phantasm, and their lead singer, stage-named FES. Takumi notices that FES is looking at him and hallucinates that she is walking towards him with a sword. Takumi leaves the concert early and the scene goes to a girl and her mother preparing to move to a new house. Nanami takes Takumi to go buy him a cell phone and then they go eat. There, Takumi notices a girl with a sword similar to that of FES. At home Takumi goes on the chat room and clicks on a link that entitles the fourth New Generation incident, which then leads to an auction called “Vampire”. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 3”

Clannad After Story – Episode 4

Ano Hi to Onaji Egao de
With the Same Smile as That Day

Youhei has not been coming to class lately, and his friends and Mei are worrying about his situation. Mei, Tomoya, and Nagisa visit the Soccer Club, and try to convince them to let Youhei rejoin. After a grueling task of fetching soccer balls, the club still will not let Youhei back on the team. While the leader of the soccer team makes Mei cry, and picks on her, Youhei storms in and starts beating up the entire soccer club, with the help of Tomoya. After the soccer team members leave, Tomoya and Youhei have another fight about the protection of Mei. Youhei finally admits he was worried about Mei, and the fight is resolved after Mei and Nagisa interject. Tomoya later recounts to himself how he and Youhei first met. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 4”

Chaos;Head – Episode 2

“Jiga” (自我)

Takumi believes the girl is here to kill him, but the girl laughs it off having no idea what he is talking about. After looking into her eyes, he remembers her name as Rimi Sakihata. At first he is confused, but then Daisuke Misumi says that the three of them have been friends since the first year. While at home he is surprised to find Rimi checking up on him. Takumi freaks out and orders her to get out. At the same time, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Investigation Division have found surveillance footage who they believe is a suspect of the murdered staked man. Takumi accompanies Yua to pre-order the latest Seira figurine. As they interact more with each other, Takumi takes a liking to Yua as she accepts him for who he is. Yua accidentally spills out the contents of her handbag. Takumi then realizes that she has been conducting a lot of research on the New Generation murder incidents all along. Takumi, who is frightened with delusional thoughts, attempts to run. She confronts him about what he is hiding by pulling out one of the cross-shaped stakes he had taken from the murder scene. Despite her suddenly threatening nature, she claims that she only wanted to ascertain if he knew about it. She also states that she is curious about whether or not Takumi has the power of precognition. Her reasoning behind this are the images of the third New Generation incident that were sent to Takumi. Takumi claims that he got them from someone called Shogun and wonders if Yua is that person. Yua, however, explains that the images were found on the computer he was using at the internet cafe. Yua concludes that Takumi is Shogun. Nevertheless, she lets him go, and Takumi returns home playing his MMORPG. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 2”

Clannad After Story – Episode 3

Surechigau Kokoro
Disagreeing Hearts

Youhei and Sanae go out on a date, accompanied by Mei, Tomoya and Nagisa. Mei still feels that her brother is hopeless even with a dependable girlfriend, and thus still worries about him. Mei remembers that her brother used to be much nicer and worried about her in the past when Mei would get picked on. In an attempt to provoke a brotherly response out of Youhei, Mei lies about coming to the city to meet a guy she likes, and Tomoya later pretends in front of Youhei that he is that person. Despite being shocked in both instances, Youhei does not say anything to Mei. Since she cannot leave while things are the way they are, Mei decides to stay for the time being. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 3”

Clannad After Story – Episode 2

Itsuwari no Ai o Sagashite
Search for Fake Love

Mei has become worried about her older brother since he still does not have a plan after high school, and comes to stay at Nagisa’s for the time being. Based on a fleeting comment by Youhei, Tomoya gets the idea to ask a girl to pose as his girlfriend so Mei will stop worrying about him. Youhei goes around with Tomoya and Nagisa asking Ryou, Tomoyo, Kotomi, and Yukine, but no one can help him. Sanae overhears Youhei’s trouble and decides to be his fake girlfriend if it will help push him in the right direction in life. Youhei, however, still believes her to be Nagisa’s older sister. When Mei meets her brother’s “girlfriend”, Sanae is posing as a student from Tomoya’s high school. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 2”

Chaos;Head – Episode 1

“Boot Up”
“Kidō” (起動)

Under an overcast, rainy sky, a blue-haired high school boy lies among the shattered ruins of a city, and a pink-haired high school girl appears, wielding a large bladed weapon, who kneels beside him and kisses him while resting the point of her weapon on his chest. Takumi Nishijō is a very reclusive person who lives in a storage container; he is not interested in the real world and suffers from a delusion with Orgel Seira, his favorite anime character. His friend Misumi tells him about a series of incidents called the New Generation events. Takumi chats with a person named Shogun who shows him a barrage of image links depicting a murder of a man being hung by stakes. Horrified, he goes to an internet café to ease his mind. After, he walks into a dark alley and is horrified to watch the murder he saw online; only it is real and happening in front in his eyes. He also sees a pink-haired schoolgirl covered in blood wearing his school’s uniform standing right next to the bloody scene. She then calls out his name. He runs away while unintentionally carrying one of the stakes. The next day, he feels someone is stalking him and finds it was a girl named Yua Kusunoki. She tells him that she too is a fan of Seira. After some initial reluctance, he finally agrees to accompany her to pre-order the latest Seira figurine. The next day, he is shocked to find the pink-haired girl sitting next to him. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 1”

Clannad After Story – Episode 1

Natsu no Owari no Sayonara
The Goodbye at the End of Summer

Summer vacation is now over and the second semester has started at Tomoya’s school. Nagisa’s father, Akio, asks Tomoya to form a baseball team for a local game against the neighboring shopping district team. Tomoya is able to recruit Kyou and Kotomi from the Drama Club, Youhei and his younger sister Mei, Tomoyo, Misae, and Yusuke. Tomoya’s team manages to get an early lead, but Akio’s leg gets injured by a flying bat, and Nagisa fills in for her father as the pitcher. The other team catches up near the end, and it comes down to the final inning when Tomoya scores an RBI, winning the game. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 1”