Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 – Episode 6

“The student council welcomes”
“kangei suru seitokai” (歓迎する生徒会)

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Little Busters! – Episode 8

“Let’s Looking For Roommate”
“Rettsu, Rukkingu Fō Rūmumeito nano desu” (れっつ、るっきんぐふぉーるーむめいとなのです)

Riki, Rin and Masato come across Kudryavka playing with her two dogs Belka and Strelka, and they invite her to join the baseball team. After Kudryavka shows her athleticism, she is quickly accepted onto the team. Later, Riki and Masato help Kudryavka move some boxes into her room, and they find out that she does not have a roommate, but wants one. Riki suggests they ask the resident assistant of the girl’s dormitory, who puts out a notice on the dorm mailing list. Of the Little Busters members, Rin and Yuiko do not have roommates, but both end up refusing for personal reasons. After walking around, Riki and Kudryavka chance upon their classmate Mio Nishizono reading a book under a tree. Upon learning she also has no roommate, they ask about her rooming with Kudryavka, but Mio refuses in the end because she believes all the books she has in her room would cause Kudryavka problems. While Kudryavka dismays over not finding a roommate, Kanata comes by and says that she will be her roommate, much to her joy. Continue reading “Little Busters! – Episode 8”

Little Busters! – Episode 7

“Now Then, Who Am I?”
“Sate, Watashi wa Dare Deshō?” (さて、わたしは誰でしょう?)

Kyousuke asks Riki to find more members for the baseball team since he got Komari and Yuiko to join. Riki and Rin come upon Haruka after school and bring her along to the practice field, but are interrupted by members of the disciplinary committee who take Haruka away because she skipped detention. The next morning, the committee members come looking for Haruka again, but she runs away with Riki in tow. They end up face to face with the disciplinary committee chairman Kanata Futaki, who reprimands Riki for always causing trouble with his friends. After school, Riki returns to the classroom to get his gym clothes before baseball practice, and he finds Haruka finishing up fixing a desk Masato accidentally broke earlier; Haruka tells him that she is a member of the maintenance committee. On their way to the baseball field, Riki and Haruka are stopped by the disciplinary committee because they suspect Haruka unlawfully obtained several cans from a vending machine, but Haruka says she won them. The committee members do not believe her, but Riki stops them before they can take Haruka away, and he pays for the cans with help from Rin so that they will leave Haruka alone. Riki tells the others that Haruka wants to join the team, and after Haruka passes Kyousuke’s membership test, she becomes the newest member of the Little Busters. Continue reading “Little Busters! – Episode 7”

Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 – Episode 4

“The student council collects”
“kaishuu suru seitokai” (回収する生徒会)

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Little Busters! – Episode 6

“Let’s Find Wonderful Things”
“Mitsukeyō Suteki na Koto” (みつけよう すてきなこと)

Komari is in shock from remembering her dead brother Takuya, recalling the time they spent together in the hospital. In Komari’s recollection, Takuya writes a picture book for her, and tells her that he might be gone when she wakes, but tells her not to be sad because it will all be a dream. When Komari awakens, her brother has died, but she remembers what he said, and does not despair. As a defense mechanism, Komari begins to believe that Riki is her brother. Kyousuke tells Riki that if anybody can save Komari, Riki can. Riki speaks with Kojirō, who tells him that this happens every time Komari witnesses death, and that she will return to normal in a few weeks. However, Riki is determined to save Komari, and adds to Takuya’s story book. Riki forces Komari to accept her brother’s death, but through his extension of Takuya’s book, shows Komari that she has friends to support her. Continue reading “Little Busters! – Episode 6”

Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 – Episode 3

“The student council gets a job”
“shuushoku suru seitokai” (就職する生徒会)

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Little Busters! – Episode 5

“To Find What I’ve Lost”
“Nakushi Mono o Sagashi ni” (なくしものを探しに)

Komari continues to dream about her brother, and Riki goes to see Kojirō to learn more about Takuya. Kojirō merely tells him that he should not pry further into the matter if he cares about Komari. Unable to sleep, Riki goes out to buy a drink and encounters Komari at the school gate, who had gone out to buy snacks. She invites him up to the roof to watch a meteor shower, where the spend the rest of the night. Komari asks Riki to go on a date with her so she can search for her lost memories. They take a train to go to where Komari used to live and they end up taking a boat out on a lake. Riki suggests to her that she does not necessarily have to look for her brother, and Komari jokingly asks him if he will be her brother. It starts raining on their way back towards school, and while running to find shelter, Riki spots a dead kitten. Komari starts sobbing uncontrollably as she recalls memories of her brother. Continue reading “Little Busters! – Episode 5”