Seto no Hanayome – OVA2

The first part of the 2nd Seto no Hanayome OVA deals with Akeno trying to work as a cafe maid, to compensate destroying the place by accident. San and Mawari then decided to help her out in the job – but not without her rival Luna getting into the action as well. Satori, Saru’s little sister who premiered in the 1st OVA , came in to check out the place for no reason and decided to help as well. But not without showing her infatuation for a certain ‘cool looking and manly’ individual.

After an exchange of depressing remarks from our heroines against some of the supporting cast – Luna and San pulled off yet another song contest, which promptly pissed off Akeno and resulted in destroying the whole place down. So much for the power of friendship, eh?

The 2nd part introduces the horror character parody and San’s childhood friend Saturn (or Sa-tan) creeping the living hell out of everyone and looking for her best (and only) friend that she hasn’t met for a while. Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – OVA2”

Seto no Hanayome – OVA1

A new semester begins where Nagasumi, Sun and the others are third grader seniors. Everyone got into the same class except Nagasumi got sent to the eighth middle school, class zero where in a classroom full of delinquents. Unable to cooperate with his new class, their homeroom teacher Shark Fujishiro plans to make a killing spree session on his first day of homeroom. Meanwhile, a new student has come to Sun and Lunar’s class who turns out to be Lunar’s Papa who is dressed in a female middle school attire along with an apron. This disgusts Lunar and makes a whole ruckus in the class. When Seto Gozaburo asks them to quiet down, Lunar’s father tells him to not interfere and the two start a fight. Lunar and Sun leave to find Nagasumi and get him back to his seat to clear their situation. Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – OVA1”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 26

Antwone Fisher (The Place You Go Home To)

The Seto clan is locked in battle with Yoshio’s forces! If Nagasumi and Sun are to live happily ever after, he’ll have to be braver than he’s ever been! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 26”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 25

The Family Game

Nagasumi’s feeling some emotional turmoil after his first spat with Sun, but when he learns her whole family could be in grave danger, he and his friends jump into action! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 25”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 24

Farewell Friend

Rumors spread that Kai is deathly ill, and when the whole gang goes out of their way to make his “last days” extra special, he begins to believe it himself! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 24”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 23

The Man Without a Past

Akeno suspects Masa knew her missing brother in the past, but he doesn’t remember life before the Seto gang. When he learns just how correct Akeno’s hunch really is, Nagasumi must go all out to protect Masa! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 23”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 22


Luna needs a scene partner to portray her lover, and Sun goes to ridiculous lengths to play the manly role. When Luna decides to work on a ventriloquist routine for a talent show, Maki is on hand to assist. Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 22”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 21

10 Things I Hate About You

After receiving a love letter, Nagasumi learns that a little attention goes a long way. A mermaid potion makes girls crazy about him – and turns every guy around him into a murderous psychopath! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 21”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 20

A Better Tomorrow

Luna and Sun’s dads can’t seem to unlock the mysteries of the teenage heart. To understand what their little girls are feeling, the two tough guys decide to put themselves into their daughters’ shoes – and skirts! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 20”

Seto no Hanayome – Episode 19

There`s No Business Like Show Business

When the whole class gulps down a special potion meant to bring out the deepest desires of mortals, Akeno’s secret plot to drive Sun away from Nagasumi is derailed! Continue reading “Seto no Hanayome – Episode 19”