Genshiken – Episode 12

“Countermeasures for Issues that Arise during the Reorganization of a Group”
“Soshiki no Saikōchiku-ji ni Hassei suru Kadai to Taisaku” (組織の再構築時に発生する課題と対策)

The club is depressed due to their punishment of community service. Sasahara becomes the new President and proposes that the society attend Comifes as a circle. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 12”

Genshiken – Episode 11

“On the Presence of Malicious Intent in Urban Crimes”
“Toshi-gata Hanzai ni okeru Akui no Shozai-ron” (都市型犯罪における悪意の所在論)

Kasukabe decides the club room needs a cleanup, but an accident causes Genshiken to be banned from the university fair. As an apology, Kasukabe takes Ohno’s place in the fair’s cosplay contest. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 11”

Genshiken – Episode 10

“The Fetishism of Leisure Time Expenditures Considered by their Economic Result”
“Keizai Kōka kara Kangaeru Yoka Shōhi no Fetishizumu” (経済効果から考える余暇消費のフェティシズム)

The club, along with Keiko, pays a visit to the beach, much to the dismay of some of the members; Keiko decides to compete for Kohsaka’s feelings and tries to become an otaku. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 10”

Wind: A Breath of Heart – Episode 12.5

Omoi Todoku Toki
Distant Feelings

It’s the school festival that day and everyone has something going on. Makoto and Tsutomu are having fun together until Shikouin has Tsutomu help her pass out fliers. Nozomi is in a play, Hinata is running a maze, and Wakaba and Minamo are both doing cafes. Later on, Minamo and Makoto go to see a play and, while leaving, run into Hikari. Hikari is no longer herself, however, but is now Aya. Makoto and Hikari seem to recognize each other, but later, when talking to Minamo, Makoto says he can’t remember Hikari’s face. She seems to have faded not just from everyone’s memories but also from pictures as well. She now lives on a new life.

Continue reading “Wind: A Breath of Heart – Episode 12.5”

Wind: A Breath of Heart – Episode 10.8

Omoi Tomadoi
Uncertain Feelings
Continue reading “Wind: A Breath of Heart – Episode 10.8”

Wind: A Breath of Heart – Episode 10.4

Omoi Tsutaeru
Tell Me Your Feelings
Continue reading “Wind: A Breath of Heart – Episode 10.4”

Wind: A Breath of Heart – Episode 9.5

Kaze no Kanashimi
The Sorrow of the Wind
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Genshiken – Episode 9

“Concerning the Existence and Non-Existence of Explanatory Duties Under Specially Confined Circumstances”
“Tokushu Heisa Jōkyō-ka ni okeru Setsumei Gimu no Umu ni tsuite” (特殊閉鎖状況下における説明義務の有無について)

Madarame is stuck in the club room with Kasukabe and tries to strike up a conversation, running through different scenarios in his head which parody the visual novel format. Continue reading “Genshiken – Episode 9”