Fate/stay night – Episode 17

Majo no Rakuin
Branded as a Witch

With mass comas now occurring within the city, Shirō and the others decide to go after the Master and Servants at the Ryudōji shrine. After confirming that Sōichirō Kuzuki, one of Shirō’s teachers, is Caster’s Master, Sakura is taken captive by Caster to serve as a sacrifice in order to summon the Holy Grail. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 17”

Utawarerumono – Episode 4

“The Path of No Return”
“Modorenu Michi” (戻れぬ道)

Tusukuru is inadvertently killed and members from the village go on a mission to kill the feudal lord responsible. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 4”

Fate/stay night – Episode 16

Yakusoku Sareta Shōri no Ken
The Sword of Promised Victory

After Shirō manages to trace a sword powerful enough to defeat Berserker – Caliburn, he and Saber work together to defeat him. Afterwards, Shirō takes Ilya home with him. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 16”

Utawarerumono – Episode 3

“Purple Amber”
“Murasaki Kohaku / Muikōha” (紫琥珀)

Tusukuru is thought to be missing from the village though is later found offering aid to a young girl with a strange affliction. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 3”

Fate/stay night – Episode 15

Jūni no Shiren
The Twelve Ordeal

In order to replenish Saber’s mana, Shirō gives a part of his magical circuit to Saber, which means that he will never be able to use some sorcery or be on par with other magicians. After the transfer, Ilya and Berserker come back for a final match. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 15”