Utawarerumono – Episode 9

“Kinki” (禁忌)

As the large country of Shikeripetim threatens invasion, Hakouro devises a cunning plan to hold off Shikeripetim’s emperor, Niwe, and his far superior military force. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 9”

Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – OVA

“A Relatively Leisurely Day in the Life of a Fleet Captain”
“Wari to Hima na Sentaichō no Ichinichi” (わりとヒマな戦隊長の一日)

Set sometime after the events of Continuing Day By Day, Tessa spends the day trying to find out why she awoke half-naked on the Tuatha de Danaan bridge, as well as looking for her favorite stuffed animal that she likes to sleep with. She encounters many of the crew members and discovers some unique traits of theirs. At the end of the day, she catches up to a departing Sousuke and tells him something very important. Surrounded by noise and being his usually block-headed self, Sousuke misinterprets her message. Continue reading “Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid – OVA”

Fate/stay night – Episode 21

Tenchi Kairisu Kaibyaku no Hoshi
The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth

While walking back home together, Shirō and Saber are attacked by the Servant Gilgamesh, who had previously saved them from Kuzuki and Caster. After Shirō traces a sheath for Excalibur, they manage to repel him. Later that night, Shirō makes his feelings clear to Saber and tells her that he wants her to stay with him after the war is over. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 21”

Utawarerumono – Episode 8

“The Arbitrator”
“Chōteisha” (調停者)

Several Onkami come to Hakuoro’s castle as arbitators and to gather more information on his new country Tusukuru. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 8”

Fate/stay night – Episode 20

Tōi Yume Ato
Distant Traces of a Dream

Upon realizing his feelings for Saber, Shirō asks her to go out on a date with him around town. Afterwards, they get in a fight and Shirō ends up running off back to his house. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 20”

Utawarerumono – Episode 7

“Advance Towards the Emperor”
“Kōto Shinkō” (皇都侵攻)

Finally, Hakuoro’s small army reaches the castle of Emperor Inkara, to find, when they arrive, that he had already died by Benawi’s blade. After this, Benawi and Kurou join Hakuoro. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 7”

Fate/stay night – Episode 19

Ōgon no Ō
The Golden King

With victory all but won for Caster, an eighth Servant in golden armor appears and kills Caster and Kuzuki. After Shirō and the others escape, Saber reveals who this new Servant is and how she knows him. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 19”