Inukami! – Episode 15

Returning a Favor to an Aroused Keita!

A tanuki wants to repay Keita for saving its life, but it does so by giving him a magic medicine that will make anyone he looks at fall in love with him. An excited Yōko grasps for the medicine thinking if she takes one Keita will fall for her but after Keita takes one, Yōko makes him look at her. The medicine works soon after and Yōko is soon acting like Keita’s wife to be. When Yōko mentions having children to Keita however after thinking it over he is horrified at the thought of having puppies as kids and runs from her. Keita then searches for human girls to use the medicine on. This does not turn out well when Keita ends up attracting old ladies, macho guys, and four of Karou’s Inukamis. The medicine does wear off after a while and an angry Yōko comes looking for Keita. When Yōko catches Keita, however, he takes all the medicine at once and after Yōko leaves him to his fate, ends up attracting much more than he could take. In the end Tomekichi and the tanuki drag Keita to Yōko, and Yōko playfully blasts Keita one for admitting he was wrong and that his strength and good looks were enough to impress the ladies. Tomekichi then tells the tanuki that perhaps the medicine was not needed after all between Keita and Yōko.

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