Inukami! – Episode 16

Room, Ghost Story, and Me!

Kaoru invites his Inukami to his summer villa including Keita and Yōko. Things start all well and playful until Igusa tells a scary story to Keita, Yōko, and the other Inukamis, the story is about a vengeful dummy coming to life that kills. Horrified, Tayune lets out a scream and is called a coward for being so scared by some of the other Inukami, in response Tayune insults Yōko, Imari, Sayoka, Furano, Igusa, and Tensō and later they fight her. Tayune storms off to prove she is no coward after the fight, and after they all lose against Tayune the six who lost team up and plot revenge against Tayune the rest of the Inukami want no part of it. The revenge plan the six come up with is to scare Tayune with a model dummy that looks like the one from the story and take a picture of her running and crying from it. When Tayune gets close however and just when they are about to take the pictures and scare her, the dummy gets possessed by a spirit and chases after Tayune. Tayune running and scared is later saved by someone who she thinks is Karou. It is actually Keita that saves Tayune in the end and tells her that although a coward rather than being a bother to him, Karou loves her no matter what and tells her to show her true self.

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