Chaos;Head – Episode 12

“Shimei” (使命)

In a dreamlike inner monologue sequence, Shogun explains that he is suffering from an illness that caused his body to age rapidly after ten years, nearing his death. When Takumi queries what will happen once Shogun dies, to which the latter responds that the former will continue to exist after being real-booted. Even if Takumi dies instead, Shogun will have his life span extended, albeit for only a few days or weeks. Along the way to the Noah II planetarium, Takumi is attacked by several real-booted Seira dolls created by Noah II, with the objective of stopping him. Elsewhere, Shogun, tells Nanami, Ayase, and Yua to catch up and assist Takumi in destroying Noah II. The three of them meet up with Sena and Kozue at the underground subway station and they all go together to help Takumi. Inside the old planetarium, Takumi discovers Rimi being held up on Norose’s Di-Sword. Rimi is surprised by his arrival, and Takumi responds by declaring his love for her and that he has come to save her. Norose explains his philosophy then removes Rimi from his sword to fight Takumi. Noah II activates its defense mechanism to protect itself. Taku is then overwhelmed by a series of delusions that causes him to stop moving in reality. Rimi snaps him out of the delusions and he continues to fight Norose in a losing battle. Nanami, Yua, Ayase, Sena, and Kozue arrive at a spot below the building where they decide to assist Takumi by sending him their powers via Ayase’s Cocytus delusion using the water from the city’s underground river. With the help of Takumi’s final power and encouragement from all six girls, Taku confirms his existence and defeats another delusion. Taku becomes impervious to physical attacks by Norose. Ayase’s Cocytus arrives and freezes Norose in place while Taku receives power from the girls, including the last from Rimi. He then creates a special attack with his Di-Sword and throws it at Norose as the target with Noah II behind him. The scene returns to the very first scene of the story, where under a rainy, overcast sky, Taku lies among the ruins of Shibuya with Rimi kneeling beside him, kissing him before she goes to plunge her Di-Sword into his chest. However, she is unable to bring herself to kill him because of her strong feelings for him. Shogun tells Takumi to live on in his place before he passes away. Takumi, inheriting memories of Shogun, consoles Rimi with the exact words with which the real Takumi used to comfort her. Holding hands, Takumi and Rimi then return the sky to its original color, and with the appearance of Nanami, Yua, Ayase, Sena, and Kozue, the city is restored to its original form. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 12”

Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – OVA

“Seductive Beach”
“Yūwaku no Sunahama” (誘惑の砂浜)

Saito and Osmond examine a chest of Earth items. The Academy students go to a beach for their summer trip, along with Siesta, Henrietta, and Agnès. They, however, are all wearing old fashioned swimsuits that cover their bodies; Osmond asks the girls to put on the “traditional uniforms for the ritual for the spirit of water”. The girls change into one piece swimsuits, then bikinis, as they perform the “rituals” of splashing each other and smashing watermelon. The final ritual is a beach volleyball tournament where the winners will wear the true Priestess’ garments; the boys bend the rules so Tiffania’s team advances. That night, after Saito oblivious stands Louise up for a nighttime beach walk, she discovers the boys and Osmond’s plan of putting the girls in skimpy seashell and starfish bikinis. The next morning, Montmorency excuses the girls for not showing up (due to leg cramps and sunburn), but tells Saito that Louise wants to meet with him at a secluded part of the beach. Saito arrives, but is ambushed by the girls. The other guys are ambushed in a similar fashion, and as a result, they are wearing the skimpy garments while tied to rocks in the rising tide. The girls go back in the water, but are attacked by a giant octopus that appears every 30 years. Saito breaks free and rescues the girls. Later, while Saito makes octopus treats, the girls try on the seashells and stars, while the ogling boys are still tied up. As Saito arrives with Japanese style food, he inadvertently sees Louise who loses her top in the commotion. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – OVA”

Clannad After Story – Episode 12

Totsuzen no Dekigoto
Sudden Events

Yusuke tells Tomoya a little about his past and how he met Kouko in high school. After graduating, Yūsuke went on to become a successful singer-songwriter, but ultimately it all came crashing down and he started taking drugs. When he came back to the city and saw Kouko again for the first time in years, he regretted not continuing to sing for her sake. Tomoya is offered a new position as a manager in a new electrician firm, but the deal falls through when his father is arrested. Tomoya is enraged that his father is still managing to mess up his life. Tomoya finally proposes to Nagisa, and she accepts. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 12”

Chaos;Head – Episode 11

“Jiritsu” (自立)

Shogun explains to Taku that he intended to stop Nozomi from abusing his “Ir2” equation using Noah II and taking over humanity, but since his aged body is incapable of doing so, he had no choice but to create Takumi from a delusion to do it in his stead. He goes on to inform Takumi that Rimi was captured in the process of rescuing Nanami. In a flashback, it is shown that Rimi and Shogun had met in the past in the hospital and had become close friends. Takumi, remembering all that Rimi had done for him, realizes his true feelings for her, which allows him to obtain his Di-Sword. Even though Shogun asks him to destroy Noah II for humanity, Takumi decides to destroy it in order to save Rimi. Shogun directs Takumi to find and destroy the devices carried by Porters that are causing the chaos in the pedestrian scramble. Hazuki, caught to be the last Porter, is exposed to be the real New Generation perpetrator after Takumi reads her memories and projects it to the screens on the buildings around them. Being a member of the Church of Natural Divine Light, stabs herself with a cross-shaped stake. Shortly after, another strange earthquake happens, one that is much stronger than the previous, resulting in numerous deaths and casualties and having destroy much of the city. Ayase and Yua roam the ruined streets looking for the others, as they encounter Nanami, who mentions Rimi being taken as hostage. The street caves in and the three fall underground. Takumi regains consciousness and takes Shogun with him while looking for the other girls. After hearing Ayase sing, Takumi uses his Di-Sword to rescue them from the collapsed pit. Nanami remembers her true brother after Takumi tells her of his delusional existence. Taku goes alone while the three girls cover his advance from giant insect created by Noah II. Meanwhile, Sena and Kozue, while walking in a subway tunnel encounter a homeless man Hatano, who is the father whom Sena wanted take revenge on. Before she could do so, Suwa intervenes and attempts to shoot her, but Hatano jumps in and takes the bullet, preventing his daughter from being wounded. Using his Porter device, Suwa proceeds to subdue Sena and Kozue with delusions, however Takumi timely arrives and quickly negates these delusions, to the extent of making Kozue to speak. Suwa attempts to kill Taku with stakes but is instead killed when Taku manages to switch their places using a manipulative delusion. Taku continues onward to save Rimi and destroy Noah II. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 11”

Clannad After Story – Episode 11

Yakusoku no Sōritsushasai
The Promised Founder’s Festival

Working has its ups and downs for Tomoya. He does not want his boss to find out that he has an injured shoulder, in fear that he will lose his new job. He promises Nagisa that he will join her at the Founder’s Festival, yet work gets busy and while his fellow co-workers would have covered for him, he wanted to prove his worth. He is late for his date, and is starting to become too busy to sustain a healthy relationship with Nagisa. He gains respect with his co-workers and settles into his job. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 11”

Chaos;Head – Episode 10

“Senrei” (洗礼)

Takumi is told by Rimi that his memories are actually fabricated and that he is actually a delusional existence created by Shogun, the real Takumi Nishijō. He is shocked by all of the revelations and begins to think Rimi had betrayed him. She apologizes to Takumi for hiding everything from him, then embraces him. Rimi tells him she has to go to rescue Nanami from her kidnappers and leaves, telling Takumi to wait for her in his house. She made him promise to not have anymore delusions, since it shortens the life of Shogun. Back in Momose’s office, Ban and Momose discuss the connections between the Meiwa Political Party and the Church of Natural Divine Light within the Nozomi Technology Group affection the biorhythms of the pedestrian scramble. Ban receives a call from Suwa who is apparently in trouble and is being held at the hospital. He tells Yua and Momose to hide in the meantime and then leaves to find Suwa. Distraught after having his existence denied, Takumi calls Daisuke to affirm his existence, but hangs up on him after receiving an ambiguous answer. Rimi is shown on an overpass talking to the real Takumi on her cellphone. Ban meets Hazuki in the hospital, who tells him a suspicious man went up the stairs to the roof. Yua is shown to have followed Ban to the hospital where she apparently confronts a delusion of her deceased twin sister Mia, who almost succeeds in leading her to her death. In the ensuing struggle, Yua awakens as a Gigalomaniac and obtains her Di-Sword. Suwa, revealed to be a part of the Church of Natural Divine Light, betrays Ban on the roof and shoots him. Meanwhile, Takumi is apparently visited by Nanami in his house, who turns out to be just a delusion when he tries to hug her and confirm his existence. Rimi goes to rescue Nanami, who is being held in the true location of Noah II. She encounters Norose and witnesses Nanami awaken as a Gigalomaniac as a result of physical injury and psychological torture where she obtains her Di-Sword. Rimi fails to rescue her due to a delusional psychological attack from Norose and is captured instead. Takumi goes to pedestrian scramble where he finds agitated crowds of people running amok. In the chaos, Shogun comes to tell Takumi that only he can stop Noah II. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 10”

Clannad After Story – Episode 10

Hajimari no Kisetsu
Season of Beginnings

Shortly after his graduation, Tomoya decides to be more independent, and works toward this goal by first taking up a job at Furukawa Bakery. Meanwhile, Nagisa has begun her new school year, although she makes few friends and her attempt to reestablish the theater club ends in failure. Tomoya eventually moves out of Nagisa’s home to a small apartment of his own, while taking up a job as an electrician with Yusuke Yoshino. After his first day of work, Tomoya returns to his home completely exhausted, barely able to stay awake during his dinner with Nagisa. Continue reading “Clannad After Story – Episode 10”

Chaos;Head – Episode 9

“Kyozetsu” (拒絶)

Yua is shown in Momose’s private investigator office talking to Ban about the New Generation incidents and Takumi, while Ban asks her if she is the twin sister of Mia Kusunoki, who is one of the five victims of the “Group Dive”. Ban receives a call from Mamoru saying the sixth New Gen incident has occurred. Takumi also finds out about the sixth incident from the internet through his online friend Grim, who identifies it as “Brainless”. The victims were the thugs who attacked Takumi previously. He believes that Shogun is deliberately targeting him. Going through old stuff stored in boxes to find clues, he comes across an old essay of his entitled “Those eyes… Whose are they?” with a scribbling written in the back including a formula, “Ir2”, on it. He then receives a cryptic call from Nanami asking for his help. Meanwhile, Yua tells Ban about Ayase’s Di-Sword. Ban replies with him seeing Sena in a security camera video pulling out a Di-Sword out of nowhere. Momose, sitting next to Ban, changes the topic and asks about the frog plushies hanging from Yua’s handbag, while Yua tells them they are currently trendy and that new designs come out on the weekends with long lines of people waiting to buy them. Takumi, Rimi, and Daisuke go to visit Ayase in the hospital. Rimi tells the two of them to go ahead and excuses herself. She is later spotted by the two having an argument with Ayase. Ayase, back in her room, tells Takumi that overcoming his “divine punishment” trial would enable him to obtain his Di-Sword. Ayase then tells him about her own ordeal. Later, Takumi receives another call from Nanami asking for his help. He returns to his container house with Rimi and finds Sena and Kozue waiting for him on top of it. Sena asks him if he was the one who drew the scribble with the “Ir2” equation on it, and when Takumi confirms, Sena jumps down to attack him with her Di-Sword. Rimi pulls him away and summons her own Di-Sword to block Sena’s attacks. Sena goes past Rimi using a feint attack and moves to attack Takumi, then Rimi stops her by forcing her to see a delusion involving a certain homeless man from her past. After Sena stops attacking, Takumi asks her about “Ir2”. Sena blames him because that equation is what led to the destruction of her family. She tells him that the chaos in Shibuya right now originated from that equation. Kozue, who was simply watching from the sidelines, mentions seeing a homeless man telling her that the boy who started “Those eyes… Whose are they?” is the most important. Sena then leaves to find that man. Takumi thanks Rimi for saving his life. On the way to the his childhood house, Rimi warns Takumi that things will not remain the same if he goes and tries to discourage him from going. Takumi tells her that he has to see Nanami. When Takumi reaches the place where his childhood home was supposed to be, he is shocked to see unfamiliar scenery instead, and Rimi tells him that he has nowhere in the world to go home to. Elsewhere, Shogun is shown entering a hidden hospital room. The name of the patient ironically written outside the room is Takumi Nishijō. Continue reading “Chaos;Head – Episode 9”