Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 2

Episode I-II First Move

During dinner, no one admits to giving Maria her umbrella, leaving them to wonder if there is a nineteenth resident in addition to the original eighteen guests. After everyone finishes eating, Maria reads a letter she claims to have received from Beatrice earlier, reading that Beatrice will take everything from the Ushiromiya family if no one can solve the witch’s cryptic epitaph, much to the guests’ concern. Later, George proposes to Shannon, and asks her to wordlessly give her reply the next day by wearing the ring on a finger of her choosing. The following morning, Krauss, Rudolf, Rosa, Kyrie, Shannon, and Gohda have gone missing, and the phone lines are out. Natsuhi is informed of a strange symbol drawn on the outdoor tool shed. While the others investigate the matter, Battler, Jessica, and George follow to discover the missing people brutally murdered inside, with Shannon wearing George’s ring on her left ring finger.

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