Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 4

“Senpai Was Amazing”
“Senpai wa Sugokatta.” (先輩はすごかった。)

Things turn awkward the next day, but they try to put it behind them. More complications arrive when Manami, Tetsurō’s married sister, takes Kaito shopping. Ichika sees them, and follows them via teleportation with Rinon’s help, even to Manami’s apartment. Worried about what will happen next, Ichika enters and tries to take him home, though not without clashing a bit with Manami. Tetsurō arrives and clears things up, telling Ichika that Manami is already married, and she is here because of a petty quarrel with her husband. As an apology, Ichika asked Kaito if she could do anything for him. He asked if she could help him review for the finals, to which she agreed, and helped him study until the final day of exams. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 4”

Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 4

“The Queen’s Reward”
“Joō-heika no Onshō” (女王陛下の恩賞)

At the Magic Academy, a ball is held in celebration of Louise, Saito, and the others deeds in Romalia. Louise and Saito dance, and he expresses his wish to be with her forever, leading to a passionate kiss between the two. Meanwhile in Gallia, Tabitha uses an antidote given to her by Bidalsha to cure her mother. The following day, Siesta overhears how Tiffa tried to kiss Saito and suggests to Louise that they should separate Saito from Tiffa by buying a mansion were only he and Louise would live, and Louise agrees. Louise rejects all of Saito and Siesta’s choices, and becomes further irritated when Siesta reveals she too will be living with them. Things become worse for the girls when they discover Saito has become increasingly popular with women due to his heroic status while at Scarron’s inn, and so decide to hasten their efforts. Back in Gallia, Tabitha is asked by her mother to become the new queen for both the country and her father’s sake. Three days later, Agnès brings Saito and Louise to Henrietta, who informs them that Tabitha will be Gallia’s new queen and to reward Saito for his previous deeds with a portion of her territory. Saito, Louise, and Siesta arrive in their new land, “De Ornielle”, only to find that it is a forest and their mansion is old and decrepit, but stay anyway since it was a gift. That night, the trio is visited by Tabitha who reveals she will be moving in with them since she postponed her coronation. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 4”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 3

“Senpai Says…”
“Senpai ga Icchau…” (先輩が言っちゃう…)

Kaito seems to be frustrated with his failed attempt to confess to Ichika, so he decides to ditch school, telling her to leave him alone for a while. Worried, Kanna goes to visit him at his house. Her visit turned into a date as the two went to Karuizawa. Ichika sees them from a distance and follows them. Kanna had to leave Kaito when she finds out Remon has been filming their “date.” It so happened that Ichika crosses paths with Kaito. Nervous of the prospect that she wants to talk to him, he runs away from her, and a chase ensues. It was all about a misunderstanding—that Kaito wants to know Ichika’s secret, while Ichika wants to know who dumped Kaito. When Kaito took some footage of Ichika, it turned out into some sort of an informal confession. Shocked, Kaito stops filming her. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 3”

Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 3

“The Incompetent King Gone Mad”
“Munō-ō no Ranshin” (無能王の乱心)

Sheffield uses the stolen mirror artifact to transfer Louise’s Explosion spell to Joseph and he uses it to detonate a fire stone, destroying the airships attacking him. Saito and Tabitha make their way towards Joseph’s ship while he detonates another stone on the retreating ships. Louise manages to escape and takes the last stone with her, but Sheffield’s gargoyle recovers it, as Saito and Tabitha arrive to save Louise. Tabitha and Louise go after the gargoyle, while Saito uses Julio’s gift, a modern pistol, to incapacitate Sheffield and confront Joseph. On the ground, Tiffa uses her Memory spell to confuse the gargoyle, allowing Tabitha and Sylphid to recover the stone. Joseph uses his Void power, Acceleration, to move at high speed and subdue Saito, but Louise and Tabitha return and save him. Tabitha fatally wounds her uncle, but decides against killing him just as Sheffield returns and forces the group to leave her to die with Joseph, so the trio escapes just as the ship explodes from the last stone. Back at the Cathedral, Saito voices his suspicions that Vittorio used Louise as bait to lure Joseph and kill him, to which Vittorio admits. Louise tells Saito that it’s alright since she has him to protect her and he agrees, reaffirming their bond. Tiffa, who was watching, both admires and is saddened by their close bond, believing it proves that Saito is not her familiar. The people of Aquileia then cheer for their heroes. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 3”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 2

“Together with Senpai…”
“Senpai to Issho…” (先輩といっしょ…)

In this episode Ichika is revealed to be an alien journeying to look for a certain scenery that she has been seeing in her imagination. She crash lands on Earth when her spacecraft hits space debris. Meanwhile, Nanami awakens, saying she has had a dream about Kaito being hugged by a naked girl in a ball of light. Nanami gets to know Ichika, and out of nervousness the latter almost reveals that she is an alien, but manages to convince them that she is a foreign student. Listening to her story, Nanami lets her move in with them, since she will be away for quite some time, and she was looking for someone to take care of Kaito. Kanna was surprised to hear it, even thinking it to be some sort of a wedding arrangement in exasperation. After seeing Nanami off the next day, and right after shopping for clothes for Ichika, Kaito finds Remon, Tetsurō, Mio and Kanna inside the house—to talk about the movie project. After Remon served them some sort of spiked alcoholic drink, which had “bad” effects on Kanna, Kaito again fainted due to the same illness, but Ichika kissed it away. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 2”

Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 2

“Aquileia’s Shrine Maiden”
“Akuireia no Miko” (水都市の巫女)

Louise and Saito enjoy some time alone as they explore a bazaar in the city of Aquileia. Henrietta asks Vittorio to keep Louise and Tiffa safe but despite both his and Julio’s assurances Agnès and Henrietta still suspect trouble. Tiffa wonders if she really did summon Saito and notes that now seeing him makes her feel flustered. Louise shows off her priestess outfit to Saito and they begin to get intimate but Malicorne ruins their moment. In Gallia, Bidalsha creates fire stones for Joseph who reveals he will use them as weapons while Sheffield confirms that she will enact her plan tomorrow. The next day after His Eminence annual ceremony, Tiffa tries to confirm if Saito is her familiar by kissing him, but the two are interrupted by Malicorne and Montmorency. Louise is taken aside by a peasant girl and when Saito goes to look for her he is ambushed by Bleu. The peasant girl reveals herself as Janette, Bleu’s sister, and subdues Louise and hands her over to Sheffield. Janette retrieves Bleu and informs Saito of Louise’s kidnapping, so he frantically searches for her to no avail. Saito and the others regroup and Tabitha reveals the kidnappers are from Gallia, meaning Joseph is behind the kidnapping. Before they can act, they are informed that Gallia’s airships are heading towards Romalia. Aboard one of the ships, Joseph introduces himself to Louise and tells her he will use her as part of his plan. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 2”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 1

“I Can’t, Senpai”
“Komarimasu, Senpai.” (困ります、先輩。)

While testing his high-speed film video camera, first year high school student Kaito Kirishima sees a bright blue light, then an impact has blown him off of his footing and beyond the railings. He sees a hand grabbing his as he fell, bloodied, only to wake up in his futon the next day. At his school, a transfer student named Ichika Takatsuki comes to a third year class. Somehow the both of them has a familiarity with each other when his classmate Tetsurō approaches her and her classmate Remon Yamano, proposing that she joins a movie project he and Kaito are planning. She accepts it without hesitation, and Remon volunteers to write the script. Kaito’s classmates Kanna Tanigawa and Mio Kitahara volunteered later. When Kaito goes to test his camera after class, he finds Ichika fishing in the river. He finds out that she has nowhere to go, so he unwittingly offered her to stay at his house, given that his sister will be away for three months. Back home, as Ichika takes a bath, Kaito felt pain in his neck, then sees a flashback of what happened the evening before. Ichika finds him unconscious, with a sign of increased metabolism on the area where that insect bite was. Ichika then calls for her assistant Rinon to stop it, as she kissed him. Exactly as Kanna and Kaito’s sister Nanami arrive. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 1”

Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 1

“Louise of the Holy Ground”
“Seikoku no Ruizu” (聖国のルイズ)

Louise wakes up to hear Saito make perverted comments in his sleep, even comparing Louise’s chest into a flat plain and Siesta’s into a mountain range, resulting in her blowing him up and Tabitha intervenes. Colbert arrives to tell them they and their friends have been summoned to Romalia and aboard the Ostland. Upon arriving there they meet up with Julio, and take them to the Cathedral, to where Henrietta is, and Romalia’s pope Vittorio Serevare. Vittorio reveals that he knows Louise is a Void mage while also identifying himself, Tiffania, and Gallia’s King Joseph as Void mages, and explains they must assemble as a group to save their world. Julio also reveals that he is Vittorio’s familiar. Vittorio asks Louise and Tiffa to help him in this endeavor by becoming his priestess’s and Louise readily accepts, leading to an argument with Saito over her decision. That night, Tiffa asks Colbert to help her summon a familiar, Louise goes to investigate two suspicious people, and Siesta explains to Saito about Louise’s reason for her decision. Louise confronts the two individuals, Jack & Bleu, as they steal a mirror artifact, but she is caught. Saito arrives, so Jack battles him, allowing Bleu to escape, while below them Tiffa begins her summoning ritual. Jack is defeated thanks to Louise’s magic, but Saito falls off the roof they are on and into the portal for Tiffa’s ritual, coming out through the other side. The next morning, Saito tells Louise he will support her and her decision and they reconcile with a kiss, which Tiffa accidentally interrupts. Tiffa then wonders if Saito could be her familiar, while also showing signs of having feelings for him. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 1”