Tsukihime – Episode 12

“Lunar World”
“Gessekai” (月世界)

Shiki attempts to find Arcueid, but is confronted by Ciel. Ciel agrees to help Shiki find Arcueid after seeing his determination, and the two come upon Roa fighting Arcueid at the school. Despite Arcueid’s efforts, she is killed by Roa, and an enraged Shiki begins to fight with Roa. Although initially outmatched, a distraction by Ciel enables Shiki to destroy the entire walkway the two are situated on and get behind Roa, destroying him in the process. Ciel disappears, with no person in the school besides Shiki having any memory of her. Shiki then goes to the same tree he visited as a youth and thanks the same sorceress he saw, Aoko Aozaki. While waiting for Arcueid after school, Shiki sees her, and she thanks him for fulfilling his promise before disappearing.

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