Fate/stay night – Episode 13

Fuyu no Shiro
The Winter Castle

Rin tells Shirō that he would have to use a command spell and make Saber assault humans to regain mana if Shirō is shown a glimpse of Saber’s past and learns that she pulled the sword from the stone and became king, and her prowess in battle was talked about by everyone. Archer tells Shirō that Saber knew using her Noble Phantasm would result in her disappearing and did not plan to do so but used it because she chose to protect him over everything else. While Saber is still weak, Shirō is captured by Ilya, who gives him the proposition to become her servant, which he refuses. After Saber wakes up, she, Rin and Archer go looking for Shirō. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 13”

Fate/stay night – Episode 12

Sora o Saku
Tearing The sky

Shirō and Saber travel through town trying to find Shinji and Rider but are unsuccessful at first. When the fight between Saber and Rider commences, Saber is forced to unleash her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur, to defeat Rider, after her plan to defend to wait for an opportunity for Rider to be defenseless falls through when Shirō appears on the roof. Shirō carries Saber back after she collapses from using her Noble Phantasm. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 12”

Fate/stay night – Episode 11

Senketsu Shinden (Burāddofōto Andoromeda)
A Fresh Blood Shrine”(Fresh Blood Shrine (Blood Fort Andromeda)

After being tricked to come to school by Shinji, however he finds himself in the midst of a trap after the Blood Fort Andromeda is activated by Rider. He manages to hold his own against Shinji, however, Shinji orders Rider to kill him. Rider’s blade is unable to deal Shirō a killing blow, so she kicks him out of the window. With Shirō’s death imminent, he summons Saber just in time. Saber fights Rider, and Shirō defeats Shinji, forcing him to call off Blood Fort. Rider uses her Noble Phantasm to escape from the school. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 11”

Fate/stay night – Episode 10

Odayaka na Makuai
A Peaceful Interlude

Shirō has his first training session with Saber but fares poorly against her in battle. That same day, Shirō meets Ilya in town and they converse in the park. After he returns home, Rin tells Shirō to swallow a jewel, which switches on his power to use magic. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 10”

Fate/stay night – Episode 9

Gekka Ryūrei
Moonlit Elegance

Disobeying Shirō’s wishes, Saber goes to fight with the Servant Assassin at the shrine but their battle ends soon after Shirō and Rider arrive. Once back at home, Saber makes a deal with Shirō in order to train him for battle. Continue reading “Fate/stay night – Episode 9”