Fate/stay night – Episode 13

Fate/stay night – Episode 13

Fuyu no Shiro
The Winter Castle

Rin tells Shirō that he would have to use a command spell and make Saber assault humans to regain mana if Shirō is shown a glimpse of Saber’s past and learns that she pulled the sword from the stone and became king, and her prowess in battle was talked about by everyone. Archer tells Shirō that Saber knew using her Noble Phantasm would result in her disappearing and did not plan to do so but used it because she chose to protect him over everything else. While Saber is still weak, Shirō is captured by Ilya, who gives him the proposition to become her servant, which he refuses. After Saber wakes up, she, Rin and Archer go looking for Shirō.

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