Fate/stay night – Episode 11

Fate/stay night – Episode 11

Senketsu Shinden (Burāddofōto Andoromeda)
A Fresh Blood Shrine”(Fresh Blood Shrine (Blood Fort Andromeda)

After being tricked to come to school by Shinji, however he finds himself in the midst of a trap after the Blood Fort Andromeda is activated by Rider. He manages to hold his own against Shinji, however, Shinji orders Rider to kill him. Rider’s blade is unable to deal Shirō a killing blow, so she kicks him out of the window. With Shirō’s death imminent, he summons Saber just in time. Saber fights Rider, and Shirō defeats Shinji, forcing him to call off Blood Fort. Rider uses her Noble Phantasm to escape from the school.

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