ef – A tale of memories – Episode 7

ef A tale of memories 7

Renji and Chihiro continue work on the novel at his school’s library and they manage to nearly complete it. Afterwards, the two take a walk on the beach and Chihiro suddenly asks Renji if he wants to kiss her. This seemingly simple act throws Renji off balance and says that their relationship is not like that, which causes her to run away in tears. Renji breaks down, hoping she will not write down what just happened in her diary. The story shifts to a flashback of when Miyako was waiting for Hiro to show up for their date in the previous episode. Miyako continues to send him voice messages on his cell phone, first being angry for him not showing up, but later becoming increasingly desperate with each call as she does not want Hiro to ignore her. The story shifts back to the present in Hiro’s room, with Hiro and Kei together. After Hiro leaves his room to get food, Kei discovers Miyako’s messages before Hiro learns of their existence, and promptly deletes them, as she vowed to erase her from his memories.

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