ef – A tale of memories – Episode 12

ef A tale of memories 12

Renji reflects over his past memories with Chihiro and is still very depressed over what happened with Chihiro throwing away her diary entries that contained accounts of Renji. After talking with Yu and Kuze, Renji starts collecting the missing diary pages; he only manages to find a handful of them. He takes them to the train station where he and Chihiro first met and finds her still sitting there. Renji discovers that Chihiro has not forgotten about him since she could not stop thinking about him for thirteen hours. Renji promises that they will always be together. The rest of the story concludes with showing scenes between Renji with Chihiro, Hiro with Miyako, and Kyousuke with Kei. Yuko finally reunites with Yu at the old church.

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