Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu – Episode 2

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu – Episode 2

“Hostility Passing-By”
“Surechigai no Hosutiriti” (すれ違いのホスティリティ)

“A Fruitless Lunchtime”
“Karamawari no Ranchitaimu” (空回りのランチタイム)

After Sousuke causes a panic at the school’s bread stand, Sousuke and Kaname have to fill in for the stand’s lunchtime duties, which raises the ire of the physical education teacher. He attempts to sabotage their bread, but he falls for Sousuke’s booby traps, when Sousuke was expecting that someone would tamper the bread.

Sousuke forgets Kaname’s notes at home and they make a frantic dash to retrieve them and return before lunchtime ends. Despite their tardiness, they find out that the notes were not needed since their teacher coincidentally fell sick.

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