Tsukihime – Episode 4

“Garden of a Cradle”
“Yurikago no Niwa” (揺籠の庭)

Shiki awakens in the Tohno household, and is scolded over breakfast by Akiha for being late the previous night. At school, Shiki is relieved to see that Yumizuka, who he had previously believed to be in the hotel when Nrvnqsr attacked, is safe. Shiki is given a party by Akiha, who formally welcomes her brother into the Tohno household. Shiki later converses with Kohaku, one of the maids, and learns that Akiha, despite her stoic demeanor, is pleased by Tohno’s presence. Later that evening, Shiki has a dreamlike sequence where Arcueid comes, craving for his blood. The next day at school, Arcueid arrives, calling for Shiki, much to his embarrassment.

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