Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 5

“Tristein’s Princess”
“Torisutein no Himegimi” (トリステインの姫君)

The exhibition of new familiars is a day away, and Louise is feeling rather depressed about it. Not only does Saito have nothing impressive to show (he says he’s good at washing panties), but this year the Princess of Tristain will be present, which makes the event more important. As night approaches, desperation sets in as Saito is unable to produce an act worthy of praise. A late night visitor to Louise’s room turns out to be Princess Henrietta herself, and she explains how she and Louise are childhood friends. The next day, Saito performs a weak sword swinging demonstration only to be dragged off-stage by Louise. They witness Fouquet attempting to break into the school’s treasure vault using an earth golem. Louise tries to stop her with her magic, but her blast misses the golem and hits the tower wall, breacing the magic barrier to the vault. Tabitha and her dragon familiar, Sylphid, fly in to help but are too late to prevent Fouquet from stealing the fabled Staff of Destruction and making her escape. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 5”

Utawarerumono – Episode 18

“Liberation Army”
“Kaihōgun” (解放軍)

Karura’s younger brother Derihouri is leading a revolt in a neighboring country though his small army is no match for the force he is trying to oppose. It will take the aid of Hakuoro, Karura and the several others to overcome the emperor. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 18”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 4

Shin Sekai ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to the New World!

Tatsuhiro is now a full-fledged otaku, and Kaoru brings him to Akihabara in hopes that it will inspire him to work. They end up going to maid cafes and spending all their money on otaku merchandise. By chance, Tatsuhiro bumps into his high school senior Hitomi Kashiwa, and ends up having a drink with her. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 4”

Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 4

“A Maid’s Crisis”
“Meido no Kiki” (メイドの危機)

Osmond, the headmaster, continues his harassment of his secretary Longueville. Siesta is taken into the household of Count Mott, presumably to be mistress. Disgusted by the lack of regard that nobles have for commoners, Saito tries his best to rescue her. They make a deal where Count Mott asks for a particular family heirloom book from a Germanian family – coincidntally it is Kirche’s family. Saito asks Kirche for the book, but Kirche wants him to date her. After refusing her demand, Saito attempts to take on the noble with Kirche’s shiny sword, but he his runes do not activate. Louise and the others arrive just in time to prevent Saito from being killed by Count Mott. Kirche agrees to give Count Mott the book in exchange for Siesta’s freedom and forgiving Saito his offense. Saito catches a glimpse of the family treasure and is surprised to find that it is a rather old (April 1975) porn magazine from Japan. After they return to the academy, Siesta kisses Saito on the cheek in thanks for his efforts. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 4”

Utawarerumono – Episode 17

“The Young Emperor”
“Osanaki Ō / Osanaki Ōruo” (幼き皇)

Kuuya and Hakuoro have a long talk alone about the world they live in and the state of affairs. Later, Oboro is suffering from a hangover and must take Erurū revolting medicine in order for it to pass quicker. Also, the trader from before comes back to sell them a Mikyūm which is a rare and extremely valuable animal. Finally, Hakuoro has yet another private discussion with Kuuya where he discovers that the masked emperor is in fact a young girl. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 17”

Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 3

Bishōjo ni Yōkoso!
Welcome to the Beautiful Girls!

Kaoru introduces Tatsuhiro to eroge, and Tatsuhiro spends all his time playing all of Kaoru’s erotic games and collecting pornographic pictures for “reference material”. He ends up not doing any work on the game, much to Kaoru’s chagrin. Continue reading “Welcome to the N.H.K – Episode 3”

Inukami! – Episode 16

Room, Ghost Story, and Me!

Kaoru invites his Inukami to his summer villa including Keita and Yōko. Things start all well and playful until Igusa tells a scary story to Keita, Yōko, and the other Inukamis, the story is about a vengeful dummy coming to life that kills. Horrified, Tayune lets out a scream and is called a coward for being so scared by some of the other Inukami, in response Tayune insults Yōko, Imari, Sayoka, Furano, Igusa, and Tensō and later they fight her. Tayune storms off to prove she is no coward after the fight, and after they all lose against Tayune the six who lost team up and plot revenge against Tayune the rest of the Inukami want no part of it. The revenge plan the six come up with is to scare Tayune with a model dummy that looks like the one from the story and take a picture of her running and crying from it. When Tayune gets close however and just when they are about to take the pictures and scare her, the dummy gets possessed by a spirit and chases after Tayune. Tayune running and scared is later saved by someone who she thinks is Karou. It is actually Keita that saves Tayune in the end and tells her that although a coward rather than being a bother to him, Karou loves her no matter what and tells her to show her true self. Continue reading “Inukami! – Episode 16”

Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 3

“Feverish Temptation”
“Binetsu no Yūwaku” (微熱の誘惑)

After being sleep for three days in bed he find out Louise has been taking care of him. But she will not admit it. Saito finds out he is the champion of the servant. He manages to put his foot in his mouth not once but twice and doesn’t get to eat for one or two days. Kirche makes a play for Saito in her room because he won the battle. Louise catches him and drags him back to her room and beats him. Continue reading “Zero no Tsukaima – Episode 3”

Utawarerumono – Episode 16

“The End of the Bloodshed”
“Tatakai no Hate” (戦いの果て)

Hakuoro is still haunted by what Niwe said to him and has nightmares about it. Later a duel between Benawi and Oboro takes places to see how strong each is. Near the end of the episode, Hakuoro is introduced to another emperor named Kuuya. Continue reading “Utawarerumono – Episode 16”