ef – A tale of memories – Episode 1

ef A tale of memories 1

Renji Aso meets Chihiro Shindo at an abandoned train station one day after school, and returns to the same station several days in a row to see her again, finally declaring friendship with her on the third day. Kyosuke Tsutsumi is out with his girlfriend on Christmas night when he is distracted by Kei Shindo running down the street, but a passing truck spoils his shot. On his way to Kei’s Christmas party, Hiro Hirono stops at a church to do research, where he is surprised to see Yuko Amamiya, then Miyako Miyamura rides off on his bike in pursuit of a purse snatcher. In the same church, Renji asks Yu Himura for career advice and is told to follow his passion. Miyako winds up spending the night with Hiro after crashing his bike and knocking herself out, and Hiro never makes it to Kei’s party.

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