ef – A tale of memories – Episode 5

ef A tale of memories 5

Renji brings Chihiro to his home where she meets his mother Sumire Aso and his neighbor Shuichi Kuze, though she has merely forgotten the latter many times over. After they eat, Chihiro gives Renji a notebook with her notes for her novel which he reads after she leaves for the day. He finds that the novel is rather depressing and representative of Chihiro’s life. At school, Kei tries to get Miyako to leave Hiro alone so he will not have to repeat a year of school, but Miyako talks down to her the entire time. Kyosuke films Kei in the morning while she is taking a basketball shot, and she punches him in the gut for filming her without permission. He later asks her to go out with him via Hiro’s help.

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