Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 6

Episode II-I Middle Game

After one of the family meetings in 1984, Shannon admits to Jessica that she has a crush on George. However, Eva mentions that George will be taking part in an arranged marriage to keep Shannon away from him. Devastated, Shannon prays for help from Beatrice, who appears and makes a deal with her: in return for smashing a mirror in the island’s shrine that limits her power, Beatrice will guarantee George’s love. Shannon at first refuses, but in 1985, succumbs to temptation and smashes the mirror. In 1986, Jessica confides to Shannon that she has a crush on Kanon. Jessica manages to convince Kanon to come to her school festival, where Kanon is perplexed at seeing a different side of Jessica in public. However, he refuses to get into any relationship with Jessica, stating that people and furniture are never meant to be together. He then confronts Beatrice and accuses her of toying with people’s emotions. Beatrice merely laughs and says that no matter what happens, her power will return and the path to the Golden Land will be opened.

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