Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 9

Episode II-IV Skewer

Everyone finds Jessica’s body in her locked room, while Kanon’s is nowhere to be found, having been erased by Beatrice. After the notion of Kanon killing Jessica is deterred since he gave Jessica his master key, the other servants are marked as the most likely suspects. Battler, meanwhile, finds himself unable to think of any way the crime could have been carried out while knowing the servants are innocent. Rosa sends the servants off, hoping to use them as bait to draw out the culprit. In the process, the servants stumble across Kanon, severely wounded but apparently still alive, who tells them that Rosa was the one who attacked him. However, it is soon discovered that this Kanon is a duplicate created by Beatrice. The fake Kanon attacks the servants, killing Nanjo and Kumasawa before being destroyed by the other servants.

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