Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Episode 12

Episode III-I Castling

Several years in the past, a young, human Beatrice meets the Golden Witch “Beatrice” preceding her and becomes her apprentice in magic. Back in 1986, Eva has recurring visions of her younger self claiming to have magic that will allow her to become the family head, which continue to haunt her during the family conference. Maria receives a letter from Beatrice, who is now powerful enough to summon her butler Ronove, and reads it to the guests during dinner. While discussing the contents and writer of the letter amongst themselves, the siblings talk about a rumor about Kinzo’s mistress, a woman named Beatrice, who lived in the forest on the island thirty years ago, prompting Battler to theorize that the human Beatrice is still on the island. However, Rosa confesses to her siblings that she had killed Beatrice.

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