Angel Beats! – Episode 4

Day Game

With Iwasawa gone, Yui suggests she take Iwasawa’s place as the vocalist, but the other SSS members do not agree. Yuri suggests that the SSS illegally participate in the upcoming baseball tournament and any SSS team which does worse than the NPC students will receive a punishment worse than death. Hinata starts with recruiting Otonashi, followed by hyperactive Yui (much to Hinata’s reluctance). Shiina follows as a way to atone for her failure in the descent operation, with Noda being the last to join after failing to get several other more athletic members that already had teams. With still four players needed, Yui gets three NPC girls, who are fans of Yui’s, to join their team. During the first round of the tournament, the SSS teams beat their NPC counterparts, but soon each one falls to Angel’s team made up of members of the school baseball team until only Hinata’s team is left. As the game is nearing its end, Hinata recalls how he missed a fly ball in a similar baseball game in life, and Otonashi believes that Hinata will disappear if they win the game. Just as Hinata is about to catch a pop fly and win the game, Yui comes from behind and places Hinata in a strangle hold. Angel’s team wins as a result much to Yuri’s frustration.

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