Angel Beats! – Episode 5

Favorite Flavor

During the exam period, Yuri wants to make Angel fail all her tests so as to make her lose her status in the school. For the plan to be a success, Otonashi manages to find out that Angel’s real name is Kanade Tachibana. The SSS members create distractions to get Kanade’s and the NPCs attention in order to switch their fake answers with Kanade’s. When the results come out, Kanade loses her position as student council president and is replaced by the vice president, Naoi. During another instance of “Operation Tornado”, the SSS members observe Kanade going to buy a meal ticket while ignoring Girls Dead Monster and the rest of the crowd in the cafeteria. Kanade loses the ticket due to the operation’s success and Otonashi coincidentally finds and uses it. Otonashi wonders if Kanade could join the SSS now, but this receives negative responses from everyone else. Moments later, the new student council president arrives with a group of NPCs and tells the SSS they will be punished for their constant disobedience.

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