Angel Beats! – Episode 7


Yuri gets Naoi, who has joined the SSS, to use hypnosis on Otonashi so he can regain his memories. In life, Otonashi visited his bedridden younger sister Hatsune in the hospital frequently, which he felt was his sole reason for living. On Christmas night, Otonashi sneaked Hatsune out of the hospital so she could see the trees covered in lights in town, but she died in his arms that night. Otonashi later regained purpose in life with the goal of going to medical school, but died in a train accident before entering college. Otonashi deals with his regained memories and agrees to continue fighting in the SSS. One day, due to the lack of food and meal tickets, the SSS carry out “Operation Monster Stream”, which entails fishing out of a nearby stream. Otonashi invites Kanade too who snags a humongous fish (Monster Stream) with the help of the SSS; Kanade manages to slice the fish before it can eat everyone. The SSS decide to serve it to the NPCs too so it does not go to waste. While preparing the food, Otonashi tells Kanade that he does not wish to fight anymore and that he wants her to join them and, more specifically, to stay by his side. Kanade and Otonashi make a promise that Kanade will join the SSS so they will always be together. From that moment on, they start calling each other by their given names. That night, Yuri appears covered in wounds after being absent from the food serving. She says she was attacked by “Angel,” and the other SSS members notice another Kanade with red eyes glaring down at them from the school roof.

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