Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai – Episode 12 (True Route)

俺の妹の人生相談がこれで終わるわけがない TRUE ROUTE
“Ore no Imōto no Jinsei Sōdan ga Kore de Owaru Wake ga Nai -True Route-”
“My Little Sister’s Advice Can’t End Here (True Route)”

One morning, Kyosuke is surprised to find Kirino behaving politely to him. That evening, while Kyosuke worries about whether she is forcing an act in front of everyone, Kirino uses her final life counseling session to ask Kyosuke to buy her an eroge that is launching at midnight in Akihabara. As Kyosuke gets in line, he runs into his classmate, Kouhei Akagi, who is buying a yaoi eroge for his own sister. Meanwhile, Kuroneko calls Kirino about the cat ears she is making for her and also tells Kirino that she might be going to change “her way of calling” Kyosuke. Kyousuke, after realizing that the trains are no longer running, manages to convince one of the other customers to lend him his bike so he can ride back home. After Kyosuke gets back home with the game, Kirino asks him to play with her. She then shows him all of the medals and report cards with bad grades she had received throughout the years. The next morning, Kyosuke learns that Kirino has left home for America for track and field training, leaving him to wonder about the night before and why she never told him about her departure. In the beginning of the new school term, Kyosuke meets up with Kuroneko, who would be attending his school as his underclassman.

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