Chobits – Episode 25

ちぃ 決める
Chii Kimeru
Chi Decides

Ms. Hibiya secretly leaves Chi the fourth book in the “A City With No People” series. Hideki meets with Shinbo and shares his feelings for Chi. He realizes he loves Chi, and back in Hideki’s apartment, when Chi tells Hideki that she loves him, he also tells her that he loves her. At this point, something triggers in Chi, and she flies out of the apartment window and onto the roof of the building. Finding Hideki and Chi on the roof, Hibiya reveals that she is Chi’s mother. She tells Hideki that Chi is a Chobit, and that Freya, the “familiar voice” other Persocoms had been hearing during Chi’s trances, was Chi’s sister who had died. Zima and Dita, two advanced Persocoms who had been observing from a distance for several episodes, wait nearby intending to stop Chi from launching her hidden program that they fear will destroy all Persocoms.

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