Tsukihime – Episode 3

“Mystic Eyes of Death Perception”
“Chokushi no Magan” (直死の魔眼)

Shiki awakens in Arcueid’s apartment, where Arcueid explains the difference between the True Ancestors and the Dead Apostles, and how her mission was to slay the latter. She then implores into the nature of Shiki’s power, which she identifies as the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, enabling Shiki to see the fated destruction of an object, and erase it from existence. As a result, she employs a trap using herself as bait for Nrvnqsr, while Shiki will kill him when he arrives. As Nrvnqsr arrives, Shiki attacks him, but is quickly repelled. However, Nrvnqsr’s overconfidence allows Shiki to bypass his guard and kill him. As Shiki collapses, Arcueid kisses him on the forehead, thanking him for his work.

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