Tsukihime – Episode 7

“Blue Sin Mark”
“Aoi Toga Ato” (蒼い咎跡)

Akiha agrees to go with Shiki and his friends to an amusement park, and they are joined by Arcueid whom they meet on the way. The group enjoys the rides, although Shiki is exhausted in the process. As the group squabbles over where to go next, Yumizuka manages to break the animosity between Ahika, Arcueid, and Ciel, and the group ends up going to an onsen. Once there, Yumizuka divulges her envy of Arcueid’s beauty, but Arcueid replies that she cannot have a significant relationship with Shiki because she is not human. Meanwhile, Akiha and Ciel converse, with Ciel revealing that she believes Akiha is not human, causing Akiha to storm off.

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