Tsukihime – Episode 5

“A Bow of the Sky”
“Sora no Yumi” (空の弓)

Embarrassed, Shiki goes down to meet Arcueid, who wants him to start helping her hunt vampires. They agree on a meeting time, and Shiki manages to leave home with the aid of Hisui, the other maid. After meeting Arcueid, she explains that she is hunting a vampire named Roa, who reincarnates by transferring his soul from host body to host body after he is killed. Shiki and Arcueid are confronted by a pair of dead humans under Roa’s control, and Arcueid quickly dispatches them. The next day, Shiki is confronted by Ciel, and she takes him to her tea room, where she tells him to be wary of Arcueid. Arcueid treats Shiki to dinner that night, but quickly leaves after seeing his blood.

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