Tsukihime – Episode 10

“Crimson Red Moon”
“Ake no Kōgetsu” (朱の紅月)

As Shiki lays in bed, Arcueid visits him and asks him to take her on a date. After vising several locales, she then asks Shiki to take her to his school. In a classroom, Arcueid expresses her fear that should she go to sleep again, she will awaken and Shiki will be gone. Shiki then makes a promise with her that after the events are over, he will go on another date with her. Afterwards, they visit the tea room, and Shiki inquires about Ciel. Arcueid reveals that Ciel used to be Roa’s incarnation. The two are then attacked by Roa’s minions, but after Arcueid dispatches them, Shiki collapses. The sight of his blood awakens Arcueid’s vampire nature, and she is separated from Shiki by a sword sent by Ciel.

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