Da Capo Second Season – Episode 26

Shiawase no Kane
The Bells of Happiness

Although everyone now has a fair chance of being with Jun’ichi, he and Nemu become depressed. Suginami and Kotori bring the two back together to challenge this reality. Nemu lets Jun’ichi read her letters, and Aisia realizes the stubborn power of the cherry blossom tree. In the end, Aisia finally truly understanding the feelings of those around her, uses her magic to once again withers the cherry blossom tree and return everyone’s memories, she then disappears after saying goodbye to Jun’ichi. By the end of the year, Nemu and Jun’ichi get married and a mysterious girl catches Nemu’s bouquet of flowers. After throwing it in the air and using magic to split it into enough bouquets for all the girls, she walks away, however Jun’ichi calls to her and she is revealed to be Aisia who joyfully turns around and runs to him. Finally everyone is happy in Hatsune-Jima.

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