ef – A tale of memories – Episode 6

ef A tale of memories 6

It turns out that Kyosuke asking Kei out was a ploy on his part as a lead in to ask her if she wanted to star in an amateur film he is making for an upcoming film festival. Hiro and Kyosuke get into an argument over the differences between being a professional and an amateur, however Kei interjects in her indecision on whether or not to be cast in Kyosuke’s film. Later, Kei informs Miyako in an intense discussion that Miyako will eventually disappear from Hiro’s heart. On Sunday, Kei gets hurt at the basketball match, and Hiro ignores his date with Miyako in order to make sure Kei was all right. Meanwhile, Chihiro continues to write her novel, and Renji helps her by borrowing a uniform from Kuze so that they can enter the school’s library to research materials for the novel.

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