Koihime Musou – Episode 12

Koihime Musou – Episode 12

“Kan’u Fulfills Her Ambition”
“Kan’u, Kokorozashi o Tsuranuku no Koto”

Ryūbi and his army attend an imperial war meeting between other loyalist army commanders hosted by the Commander-in-Chief of Imperial forces, General Kashin to discuss the recent uprisings the empire is facing. Rinrin stays back after getting a fever with Shuri staying to take care of her. During the meeting, General Kashin ask on how to defeat an army of rebels who have fortify a mountain. Sōsō suggests a Siege strategy where they will cut off the rebels supply routes to deprived them of supplies which will starve them and affect their morale and an offer of clemency to those who surrender. But Kashin is not interested of showing mercy to the rebels and wants them to be eliminated quickly as a lesson to others. Ryūbi takes the offer to fight them head-on with the promise of bringing the leaders head. Kashin, impress of his willingness, agrees to give him the mission and reward him as her aide in the government if he succeeds. Meanwhile, the bandits that Ryūbi’s army defeated have united and launched a surprise attacked on Touka to get their revenge.

When news of the attack reaches Ryūbi, Aisha suggest to immediately go back and save the village. But Ryūbi decides to abandon Touka and focus on the fighting the rebels and seducing Aisha to join him. Realizing that Ryūbi never care about the people and was more interested in power, she slaps him and goes to Touka to save her friends with Bachō following her. Bachō asks Sōsō for help but she refuse citing Aisha foolishness to follow Ryūbi but when Bachō begs on her knees, she tells Shunran to lead the Black Riders cavalry unit on “reconnaissance” at Touka. At Touka, the defenders and villagers are forced to fall back into the lord’s mansion. When the bandits finally breach the mansion gates, they are stop by a sick but angry Rinrin who declares that no one shall pass through. Just as Rinrin reaches her limit, Aisha finally arrives and helps Rinrin defend the gate. Together with the help of Kōchū and Sei, the arrival of Bachō, Shunra and the Black Riders, the bandits are quickly defeated.

After the battle, Aisha ask Shunra if she can thank Sōsō herself but Shunra tells her not to as she might end up in Sōsō’s bed again. While asking where Sei has been all this time, she replies that she died and was revived by a mysterious being only to tell everyone it was a lie. Ryūbi’s army without the help of Aisha and Bachō, could not breach into the rebels mountain fortress and had to give up and return to Touka after three days which Sōsō army took over and succeeded using her siege strategy. Ryūbi was strongly reprimanded by Kashin for his failure and embarrassing the imperial court. He tries to save face by returning to Touka only to unexpectedly meet Kōchū and Riri who recognized him as the man who kidnap her and made Kōchū do the assassination, he quickly runs away. Kōchū concludes that he was a criminal and impostor, who got tired of doing dull crimes and decides to gain riches and fame by claiming to be a descendant of Liu Sheng.
The series ends with an epilogue detailing what everyone was doing now; Aisha and the group along with the villagers celebrate under the peach blossom trees while Rinrin playing with Riri and the village children, Shunra doing official work while Sōsō is relaxing with Keifa and Shūran in bed under the peach blossom trees, Sonken and Kannei inspecting the Wu Navy at the Yangtze River while her sister Shōren gets chase by the Qiaos Sisters, Sonsaku, Shuyu and Rikuson viewing the moon from a balcony, Enshō, Bunshū and Ganryō finding the Hot Springs treasure again with the help of the bear that chase them before, Ryofu sparing with Kayū while Tōtaku and Kaku watch them along with Ryofu’s dogs, Kyocho winning another eating contest, Chōryō working at a maid restaurant, Kōsonsan dreaming leading with her white horse and Shibaki receiving a letter from Shuri. The last scene ends with Aisha and Rinrin reaffirming their sisterhood vows with the narrator telling how the 6 heroines and their new adventures will be told some other time, some other place.

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