Lucky Star – OVA

Lucky Star – OVA

“Original Visual Animation”
“Orijinaru na Bijuaru to Animēshon” (オリジナルなビジュアルとアニメーション)

The story is split up into several chapters.

The Beginning and End of Cherry’s Day (チェリーちゃんの一日のはじまりとおわり Cherī-chan no Ichihibi no Hajimari to Owari?)- Minami’s pet dog, Cherry, is paid a visit by the other characters. While Minami tells her to behave, Cherry shows reluctance to participate. At the end of the day, Minami is concerned that she’s not eating any food.

Online Gaming with Friends (ネットゲーにはまる人たち Nettogē ni Hamaru Hitotachi?)- Kagami and Tsukasa join Konata and Nanako in the MMORPG that she often plays in the series. Kagami is confused by all the leetspeak and Tsukasa has trouble figuring out the game mechanics.

Kagami Reluctantly goes to the Ball (ぶとうかいに渋々出かけていくかがみ Butōkai ni Shibu deka Keteiku Kagami?)- Kagami has a Cinderella-esque dream where Konata (dressed in the witch outfit Yuki Nagato sometimes wears) uses magic to take her to the ball dressed as Hatsune Miku. The ball turns out to be a mixed martial arts tournament held by Misao where the winner will become her bride. She is excited to see Kagami and offers to help her through the contest, which Kagami flatly declines, insisting that she be sent home. Konata’s magic runs out before Kagami’s house can be returned, so Konata makes Kagami say something embarrassing which Tsukasa hears when Kagami wakes up.

The Volleyball Battle against Big Sis! (バレーボールでお姉ちゃんと対決! Barēbōrū de Onee-chan to Taiketsu!?)- A volleyball game ensues in the high school gym in which Misao encourages Tsukasa to defeat her sister and rise out of the ranks of ‘side character’.

Four People on the Perplexing Road (道に迷った4人 Michi ni Mayotta Yonnin?)- Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki get lost in the woods whilst on a nature hike, trying to figure out where to go and how to survive. Konata provides little to no help towards the situation.

The Mysterious Occurrence at the Pet Shop (ペットショップでの不可思議な出来事 Pettoshoppu deno Fukashigi na Dekigoto?)- The girls go to an odd pet shop where they find a rabid Sgt. Frog and Private Tamama and somehow wake up as various frogs.

The seventh segment, also the shortest segment of the OVA, shows the manga shop owner Meito Anizawa in the same MMORPG that the Lucky Star girls were playing, again resulting in his failed attempt to sell Konata in-game items after waiting for her for a long time while she was away from her keyboard.

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