Zero no Tsukaima: Princess no Rondo – OVA

“Seductive Beach”
“Yūwaku no Sunahama” (誘惑の砂浜)

Saito and Osmond examine a chest of Earth items. The Academy students go to a beach for their summer trip, along with Siesta, Henrietta, and Agnès. They, however, are all wearing old fashioned swimsuits that cover their bodies; Osmond asks the girls to put on the “traditional uniforms for the ritual for the spirit of water”. The girls change into one piece swimsuits, then bikinis, as they perform the “rituals” of splashing each other and smashing watermelon. The final ritual is a beach volleyball tournament where the winners will wear the true Priestess’ garments; the boys bend the rules so Tiffania’s team advances. That night, after Saito oblivious stands Louise up for a nighttime beach walk, she discovers the boys and Osmond’s plan of putting the girls in skimpy seashell and starfish bikinis. The next morning, Montmorency excuses the girls for not showing up (due to leg cramps and sunburn), but tells Saito that Louise wants to meet with him at a secluded part of the beach. Saito arrives, but is ambushed by the girls. The other guys are ambushed in a similar fashion, and as a result, they are wearing the skimpy garments while tied to rocks in the rising tide. The girls go back in the water, but are attacked by a giant octopus that appears every 30 years. Saito breaks free and rescues the girls. Later, while Saito makes octopus treats, the girls try on the seashells and stars, while the ogling boys are still tied up. As Saito arrives with Japanese style food, he inadvertently sees Louise who loses her top in the commotion.

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