Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 12

“Waiting in the Summer”
“Ano Natsu de Matteru.” (あの夏で待ってる。)

Despite the combined efforts of Tetsurō, Mio, Kanna, Remon (and the van-turned-robot and support from the Men in Black), and even Rinon (with a weapon provided by Emika); and even after seeing the desired location, which Kaito is able to see due to the nanomachines he got from Ichika, the proof they were looking for—a love umbrella carved into a tree by the alien who crash-landed on the place a long time ago—is gone, and the Federation recovery team takes Ichika away. But as a result of such encounter, the memories of the aliens about the distant time when they did arrive at the place were unlocked and become part of the memory for all those involved. As the new school term enters, Kaito’s sister Nanami returns from her trip to Bolivia with a gift for Ichika (a traditional incan vest); Kaito tells her that Ichika’s term abroad ended and she went back home. Remon, prior to transferring back to the MIB, leaves Kaito and the others an incomplete version of the film they have made. A few years later, Kaito, Mio, Tetsurō, and Kanna have graduated, but not without completing the unfinished film. During a re-showing at the school festival, Ichika (wearing Nanami’s gift) is seen appearing in it. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 12”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 11

“Don’t Leave, Senpai”
“Ikanaide, Senpai.” (行かないで、先輩。)

Emika is retrieving Ichika because the latter is on a planet where contact with its lifeforms is forbidden under their Federation laws, and the only solution is for her to leave this planet before things get messier. Ichika reluctantly agrees, but changes her mind when Kanna and the others arrive to stop her. Learning certain information from Emika, Remon tells them that Ichika may stay if the earthly spot Ichika has seen in her imagination is found in order to prove a probable previous contact between aliens and human beings. As the group finds the place, the search team arrives and starts a pursuit. Since Rinon’s teleport function becomes disabled, Remon takes the others to the spot using a van specially prepared with Emika’s help; with Tetsurō, Mio, and Kanna becoming bio-signature decoys for the pursuing rescue craft. However, a few kilometers from the site, the van collides with a cloaked drone from the rescue craft and overturns. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 11”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 10

“Senpai’s and ours”
“Senpai to Bokura no.” (先輩と僕らの。)

As Ichika and Kaito spend some time close together (which Ichika credits to Kanna), a depressed Kanna shuts herself in her room after a visit from Tetsurō, who tells everyone that she has a cold. He meets Mio on the way, where they shared the cake she was to give Kanna. There Mio asks and hears his reason why he invited Ichika to do the film with them. Angry at himself, Tetsurō kicks a nearby wooden railing and injures himself. The next day Tetsurō invites Kanna to their old playground as kindergarten kids and confesses to her, but she rejects him; and as she runs off to Kaito’s place to confess (only to be rejected by Kaito anyway), Tetsurō falls on his knees, where Mio sneaks from behind and hugs him, saying it’s alright to cry. The filming of the movie continues, but one day Emika, Ichika’s older sister, appears. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 10”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 9

“Senpai” (せんぱい)

After the incident involving the rescue drone Ichika reveals her true identity to Kaito and the gang, and reveals her true intentions on Earth, namely “looking for that place in her memory.” Kaito, however, isn’t surprised because he already knows the fact. However, with the rather rough “rescue attempt” by the Federation rescue drone, she believes that another will come to investigate, and fears that her days on Earth are numbered; thus shunning Kaito for a while—and sealing her feelings for him. This irritated Kanna, telling Ichika that “looking for that place” is just an excuse to avoid him. Kanna confessed that she has feelings for Kaito, and runs away after confronting Ichika—only to be consoled later by Tetsurō, hurting Mio in the process. Kaito, with a bit of encouragement from Remon, did confess to Ichika later—and, when Kaito said it’s his first kiss, she revealed that she has kissed Kaito four times already, as she gave him the fifth one. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 9”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 8

“Senpai in Trouble”
“Senpai ga Pinch,” (先輩がPinch,)

After Ichika enjoys her first Japanese festival, Remon pops out of nowhere to challenge everyone to a test of courage at a dark shrine. During the test Rinon appears to Ichika, telling that an emergency beacon has been activated. True enough, a Federation lifeboat (a rescue drone) comes to rescue her (it’s more of taking her by force), but Ichika refuses, saying she has still a lot to do. Then again, when Kaito hears Ichika scream, he rushed to where she is, abandoning his partner Kanna. Even with the help of Rinna, one of Ichika’s machines, Kaito dies rescuing “the one he loves.” Ichika, however, manages to reverse Kaito’s death. Kaito awakens and sees himself with Ichika inside a ball of light, and mysteriously returning to the same spot. Everyone catches up to the two and sees Ichika incessantly apologizing in front of Kaito. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 8”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 7

“Senpai’s Feelings”
“Senpai no Kimochi.” (先輩の気持ち。)

Ichika’s worries are banished when she gets to the root of what’s going on with Kaori and Kaito; while Mio does her best to protect Tetsurō from a ravenous Chiharu—to a point of revealing a secret. The group wrapped up their filming the next day, as Kaori and Chiharu leaves for the airport right after filming. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 7”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 6

“Senpai’s Rival”
“Senpai ni Raibaru.” (先輩にライバル。)

As Ichika is pondering on what Tetsurō told Kaito that night, thanks to Tetsurō’s sister, filming for their movie goes to Okinawa, where Kaito meets a childhood friend, and her companion is attracted to Tetsurō. This puts Kanna and Ichika at an unease, especially when Kaori, the girl, says that Kaito is her fiance. Mio, on the other hand, is uneasy herself when Chiharu, Kaori’s companion, sets her sights on Tetsurō. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 6”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 5

“Senpai Is a Heroine”
“Senpai wa Hiroin.” (先輩はヒロイン。)

Ichika becomes the heroine of the independent film the gang were planning before summer break. Kaito agrees, while helping Ichika look for that particular place she is looking for. Kanna becomes uneasy when the lines for the film becomes somewhat uncannily realistic, especially in the scenes involving Kaito and Ichika. Even Kaito was surprised by Ichika’s questions that evening. As the next day was a rainy one and filming is cancelled, Kanna goes to Kaito’s house to bring some nozawana. That evening, Tetsurō, after meeting an uneasy home-bound Kanna, sneaks into Kaito’s room. He tells him that she, his childhood friend, is in love with him. Ichika overhears the conversation. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 5”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 4

“Senpai Was Amazing”
“Senpai wa Sugokatta.” (先輩はすごかった。)

Things turn awkward the next day, but they try to put it behind them. More complications arrive when Manami, Tetsurō’s married sister, takes Kaito shopping. Ichika sees them, and follows them via teleportation with Rinon’s help, even to Manami’s apartment. Worried about what will happen next, Ichika enters and tries to take him home, though not without clashing a bit with Manami. Tetsurō arrives and clears things up, telling Ichika that Manami is already married, and she is here because of a petty quarrel with her husband. As an apology, Ichika asked Kaito if she could do anything for him. He asked if she could help him review for the finals, to which she agreed, and helped him study until the final day of exams. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 4”

Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 3

“Senpai Says…”
“Senpai ga Icchau…” (先輩が言っちゃう…)

Kaito seems to be frustrated with his failed attempt to confess to Ichika, so he decides to ditch school, telling her to leave him alone for a while. Worried, Kanna goes to visit him at his house. Her visit turned into a date as the two went to Karuizawa. Ichika sees them from a distance and follows them. Kanna had to leave Kaito when she finds out Remon has been filming their “date.” It so happened that Ichika crosses paths with Kaito. Nervous of the prospect that she wants to talk to him, he runs away from her, and a chase ensues. It was all about a misunderstanding—that Kaito wants to know Ichika’s secret, while Ichika wants to know who dumped Kaito. When Kaito took some footage of Ichika, it turned out into some sort of an informal confession. Shocked, Kaito stops filming her. Continue reading “Ano Natsu de Matteru – Episode 3”