Da Capo Second Season – Episode 20

Modoranai kisetsu
The Season That Won’t Return

Confused by Sakura’s rejection, Aisia asks Jun’ichi seriously about what happened two years ago. He refuses to tell her (the incident when Nemu had become ill cause of the cherry blossom tree) entirely. Meanwhile, Sakura remarks a story to Jun’ichi how Grandma Yoshino met a woman at a magic academy in London. Aisia wonders around till she finds Kotori. Kotori reveals the telepathic ability that she once had and is fine without it now, so she can be her true self, and the feelings that Jun’ichi and Nemu held for each other for a long time. Aisia still can’t believe the way things are, and she decides to see if everyone’s desire can come true through the magical cherry blossom tree again.

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