Clannad After Story – Episode 22

Clannad After Story Ep 22

Chiisana Tenohira
Small Palms

The girl in the Illusionary World is dying in the snow, and the robot regrets having her take the journey. The girl can finally hear the garbage doll, and tells him that they once existed in another world. As she hums the tune of “Dango Daikazoku”, the Illusionary World starts to collapse. As the robot is swept away, the girl calls him “Papa” and disappears with the world. The girl becomes light orbs that grant Tomoya his wish, to give him another chance with Nagisa.

Back at the hill, Tomoya sees Nagisa but is hesitant to call out to her recalling all of the terrible things that their “meeting” has caused her. In the end, Tomoya calls after Nagisa. She is relieved that he decided to do so and makes him promise to not regret having met her. Afterwards, Nagisa brings Tomoya through time, and together the voices of the robot and Tomoya note the end of his long journey.

Tomoya awakens to Ushio’s birth, but this time, Nagisa miraculously survives. After Nagisa watches Tomoya give Ushio her first bath, she and Tomoya see that countless orbs of light are floating throughout the city outside the window. They both sing to Ushio and from then on, Tomoya and Nagisa experience a happy life raising their daughter together, finally free of their cursed fate. Later, Fuko and her sister are walking to the new hospital to get a checkup. Fūko goes into the woods and spots the girl from the Illusionary World sleeping under a tree. When she approaches, it turns out to be Ushio sleeping under the tree; Fūko says that she would like to be friends, and that the fun begins there.

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