Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 2

“Aquileia’s Shrine Maiden”
“Akuireia no Miko” (水都市の巫女)

Louise and Saito enjoy some time alone as they explore a bazaar in the city of Aquileia. Henrietta asks Vittorio to keep Louise and Tiffa safe but despite both his and Julio’s assurances Agnès and Henrietta still suspect trouble. Tiffa wonders if she really did summon Saito and notes that now seeing him makes her feel flustered. Louise shows off her priestess outfit to Saito and they begin to get intimate but Malicorne ruins their moment. In Gallia, Bidalsha creates fire stones for Joseph who reveals he will use them as weapons while Sheffield confirms that she will enact her plan tomorrow. The next day after His Eminence annual ceremony, Tiffa tries to confirm if Saito is her familiar by kissing him, but the two are interrupted by Malicorne and Montmorency. Louise is taken aside by a peasant girl and when Saito goes to look for her he is ambushed by Bleu. The peasant girl reveals herself as Janette, Bleu’s sister, and subdues Louise and hands her over to Sheffield. Janette retrieves Bleu and informs Saito of Louise’s kidnapping, so he frantically searches for her to no avail. Saito and the others regroup and Tabitha reveals the kidnappers are from Gallia, meaning Joseph is behind the kidnapping. Before they can act, they are informed that Gallia’s airships are heading towards Romalia. Aboard one of the ships, Joseph introduces himself to Louise and tells her he will use her as part of his plan.

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