Zero no Tsukaima F – Episode 9

“Tabitha’s Coronation”
“Tabasa no Taikan” (タバサの戴冠)

The group arrives in Beautis, Gallia’s capital, and prepare for Tabitha’s coronation. While Tiffania and Saito are becoming closer, Louise and Siesta worry that Tiffa might try and seduce Saito. Meanwhile, Luctiana and Arie are given a guest suite to stay in for the duration of the coronation. Guiche and Malicorne are asked to guard the two and stop them from disrupting the ceremony, but Luctiana insists on trying to leave and explore, and while attempting to stop her Guiche and Arie begin to argue. Saito arrives and asks for the two to get along. Later, Louise requests that Saito help her get dressed in preparation for Tabitha’s coronation ceremony, and as Saito nervously tightens her dress, he notices Louise’s breasts have grown slightly. Louise asks if Saito regards her as his only master, but before he can answer Tiffa suddenly bursts in, asking that Saito help with her own dress. Sometime later, Luctiana escapes the guest suite and Guiche, Arie and Malicorne head out to look for her together. Henrietta calls Louise, Saito, Tiffa to the palace’s throne room, where Vittorio and Julio are also present. After congratulating Tabitha on her accepting the role of Gallia’s new queen, Louise explains how her new Void magic, known as the “World Door”, was used to rescue Saito and Tiffa, followed by Saito revealing his new runes to Vittorio who identifies them as “Liveslatille”, which allows him to boost the power of a Void user’s magic. While returning to their rooms, the trio run into Kirche and Montmorency and agree to spend a girls-only night with Tabitha and Illococoo to celebrate her upcoming coronation and their last night together. While going to Tabitha’s room, the four find Guiche questioning a maid as to Luctiana’s location, with Montmorency mistaking the situation as flirting. Seeing how Guiche and Montmorency’s relationship is similar to Arie with Luctiana, he and Arie come to an understanding. The girls run into Luctiana, and she and Montmorency also come to get along. The following morning Tabitha is crowned the new Queen. While preparing for the party following the coronation, Louise brings up her question from the previous day. Saito states that his master is irrelevant, because his love is only for her. Worrying that they’d be late for the party he goes on ahead, leaving Louise behind. While searching for him she overhears a conversation between the Pope and Julio, discussing a consequential side-effect of Saito’s new-found familiar power: while his new runes give him the power to boost Void magic, the user’s strength gradually diminishes with every use, which would eventually result in the user’s death. Vittorio had failed to inform Saito of this as he feared that the consequences would frighten him, as well as knowing that this power would be required to overcome a peril that could threaten the entire world. Louise worries that she’ll lose Saito.

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