Akikan! – Episode 11

“Shockingly! The Strongest Akikan”
“Shinkan! Saikyō Akikan” (震撼! 最強アキカン)

A mysterious Akikan attacks Otoya and leaves Kizaki hospitalized. The next day, Misaki approaches Melon and Kakeru saying that Budoko has gone missing. A possessed Budoko shows up and fights Yell, but she is defeated when the mysterious Akikan takes a shot at Najimi, and then absorbs Yell. Kizaki explains that the attacker was ‘the strongest Akikan’ who attacks Akikans regardless of being steel or aluminium. Later, Melon gets attacked by Yell and Budoko, who Kakeru deduces are copies. They manage to defeat them, but then the mysterious Akikan attacks. She reveals herself as a Mixed Juice Akikan, who can absorb other Akikans and use their powers to summon Zeros. Melon attacks the mysterious Akikan, but to no avail. She absorbs Melon’s powers and leaves Kakeru with the empty can, leaving him devastated.

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