Akikan! – Episode 4

“Lost running and thinking”
“Mayotte Hashitte Kangaete” (迷って走って考えて)

Yell is left behind at the vending machine, while Najima has gone home, where during her still-drunkenness, she asks Kakeru on a date for the following Sunday. Meanwhile, Melon encounters Yell, where they discover they are both Akikans and start to fight, but they soon lose each other. The next day, Otoya and Kizaki arrive at Najima’s house with Yell to explain the Akikan Elect. Both her and Kakeru are given scanners for detecting other Akikans, and Kakeru is informed that one of the owners goes to the same school as him. Najima tells Yell that she should go wherever she wanted, but she comes back wishing to stay with her owner, which Najima accepts.

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